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  1. Ace IsTheShit

    first two have been amazing ,I ll give it a shot.

  2. Roland Beqiri

    What is this stupid divorce law?
    The wife decides to leave in another country and take children with her????
    Doesn't the husband has to say NO for the children?
    It looks the society is suffering from this stupid laws and the children are the ones who suffer most.Look at the children of Xavier and Wendy.They dont know who is the father and the mother,because in the house there is another man and their real father is married to a chinese woman to get the papers.
    All of this because Wendy got tired of the marriage and decided to leave in NYC?
    The world is becoming selfish.
    Btw I love this triology and I am going to watch this movie.

  3. Otavio Bertolo

    does anyone know the name of this song?

  4. SOUPRUN01

     I went in cinema after losing $500,  needed good film.   Did'nt know this was part of trilogy, had watched other two films, I can't remember but I'm not sure I 100% loved them, I think one of them was abit average maybe,  not sure.  But this was suprisingly good.    Best film about New York I've seen since Taxi Driver.  That's too over top comment.    I think this is best film of trilogy. I don't think all existing characters survived.  They honed it.      But what a good idea, that you can watch characters over 12 years.      Tarantino is doing that with Pulp Fiction 2,  no that is unfortunately not happening I make joke he's making Kill Bill 3.  You could'nt make Pulp Fiction 2 without some serious smelling salts.  That is Good Will Hunting line.  It's not my fault though.      Was really good at showing New York.      I eventually found $500 in velcro hood?  how it got there I'd specualte jacket was on floor in internet cafe and somehow money ( in sock ) came out as moved it around and went in hood.     I also saw 3D Imax Sandra Bulloch space thing after having bike stolen which really made me forget theft of bike.  I did'nt find bike in velcro hood.  

  5. Leon

    Just seen the trilogy and it is indeed pretty good.

  6. Ronald Juvenile

    The movie was awsome.. soo great.

  7. m rushton

    Its a really great (final/I hope not) entry to the series. NOT A SPOILER lol but if you've seen it you'd know what I mean;The last scene I would have liked to have seen the characters from the previous instalments walking behind him that would have been nice. 

  8. Katy Di Bazi

    sorry to say this but LMAO this is so French!… 

  9. mattyrrp

    Is there an official release date for this in the UK?

  10. Aisling Finch

    Ooh I can't wait to see this. I love Spanish Apartment and Russian Dolls so hopefully Chinese Puzzle will be as good!

  11. BigC60

    Really ? So many english speaking people like our french movies !? Nice !

  12. Ian Renga

    The first two films were fantastic.  This is going to be a lot of fun!

  13. whatallison

    Ahh I love Romain Duris! 

  14. Dominik Rohde Piur

    Thx 4 the French ♡

  15. Daniel Paz

    Studio Canal aways seems to feature good movies. Seems legit, Audrey Tautou as well >>>>.

  16. Benjamin Pu

    What's the song in this trailer?

  17. Desire123ification

    Smart Sequel!  I liked the Spanish apartment and the Russian dolls and now Chinese Puzzle…

  18. syrupticious

    It's called Chinese Puzzle and yet not a single Chinese is in the movie… 

  19. Sanhlami

    oh shoot i got 666 views. D:

  20. Koen DBLR

    Is it me or has the male character a lot of similarities with Ross Geller from the 'Friends' series?

  21. D4shEight

    This is why French cinema is better then Hollywood. Actually PLOT.

  22. Anthony Langlois

    This movie is going to be awesome. Mainly because of Audrey.

  23. adriantheloser

    Audrey is gorgeous.
    Can't wait for this!!

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