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  1. michael wu

    Time to gun down those terrorists.

  2. Natty13 bambooklat

    Let's see what these little dickweed protesters are going to do when the pla rolls in

  3. Eugen Butacu

    The music..is WW3?

  4. Yunhan Wang

    fk! AGAIN AND AGAIN, still calling rioters by so-called protesters, FK

  5. x zhou

    It’s about damn time

  6. - Zerenity -


  7. Polska Ameagari

    Xi Jinping anger theme

  8. David vs Goliath

    The ANIMALS should find place to hide now

  9. Ricky Goh

    These fools want to go HK n mow down students some even 13 years old girls, do they hav daughters? How if someone mow their daughters with tanks?.

  10. Nicolo Diego

    Tiananmen Square Massacre 2.0

  11. Jeff C

    machine guns were demounted from the armored vehicles though

  12. Josh Watkins

    1989 Tiananmen Square incident will happen all over again and get covered up… All over again.

  13. Preoximerias

    Xi must have watched all those movie/video game battles with the real dramatic music.

  14. Public Public

    Well….. the rest of the world hasn't forgotten Tiananmen Square and many will be calling for a complete block on all China imports.

  15. Igor Bujanović

    Very nice, full support to China. Time to resolve the problem once and for all.

  16. John C

    These are just unarmed students, you sociopaths. The HK police haven't even used water cannons yet and you're already calling in the national army.

  17. marshall v

    please us help us from chinas oppresion

  18. FORMS

    This video needs RA3 soviet march

  19. Khiang Titan

    Cool 😎

  20. Kam Chan

    America has a history in deploying the military in times of civil unrests, so what is the big deal if China move in the military in Hong Kong?
    In the 1992 Rodney King riots in LA, More than 9,800 California National Guard troops were dispatched to restore order.
    During the 2014 Ferguson Unrest the US National Guard was called in to "help restore peace and order and to protect the citizens of Ferguson."

  21. Weiming Feng

    It's armed police special force , same with the national coast guard in the states

  22. Israel Usa

    That's it HK ppl ar fcked….
    Tiananmen 2.0

  23. Lemon Nation



  24. Lee Mack

    Get ready for Nothet 1989

  25. XUAN li

    justice is coming

  26. 活在现实Red Dream

    Tiananmen Square 2.0? Thanks to HK protestors, Chinese people finally understand what really happened on 1989 06 04. This time 1.4 billion Chinese will support Chinese government. Please get rid of any power try to turn China into Iraq, Syria, Former Soviet Union…

  27. Tinh To

    The day y'all can get rid of CHINA is the day that you don't depend on CHINA for your cheap lifestyle! We'll be around as long as you buy our products! Just saying!

  28. Damn Love

    Motha love me long time long tyymeee

  29. zenubi

    Okay, Everybody this is whats happening , China is letting it get really bad so that the majority of working people in Hong Kong get tired of the Protesters. Which they already are. Once this happens Majority of Hong Kongers will Cry for help to china. China will come in and just take over the city even More then what the Hong Kogner were expecting. How stupid are the Hong Kogners, No country in the world has tripled their currency power in the last 30 years, creating jobs, and raised millions of people out of poverty, They could be the next world leader for the next 100 years. Not even realize the benefits of being in China. they cry for democracy but democracy doesnt exist, when u have the clinton family, The bushes, and families who have been linked to power for generations…

  30. Tinh To

    Time to declare Marshall Law and clean up the mess in HK!

  31. outlaw law

    Yess yess. Thanks china. Let jail the terrorist

  32. Donald Kasper

    Go in and shoot the place up. That is only $300 billion dollar loss and all banking linking West to China going through the city.

  33. spcliangjian


  34. Pub Comrad

    Mainland Chinese should support Hong Kong people's cause by doing similar protests in the mainland.

  35. Zlatka Margarita

    Згази говна империјалистичка.

  36. Zvezdan Pelević


  37. Gold Silvee

    Show your power to HK protester

  38. Amber Dawn

    China has had enough of The Luciferian Deep State stirring up protests in Hong Kong. They are also at it in Russia. This should send the Demonizing Leftist Liberals into popping mode on all media.

  39. liuya liu


  40. Jay Sri

    Protesting nutters must be tamed by military style , unless they won’t learnt a lesson . These protestors forgot Hongkong is part of China , pathetic

  41. Prince Kumar

    Hahaha HaHaHa 😂… China xinziang aur hongkong ko sambhal nhi pa raha h …… Ab india ko axi chin ko le lena chahiye

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