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  1. Mamahuhu

    Check out our next video, China is Beyond Cashless! https://youtu.be/gysKE3POUv0

  2. Медалий Пилонов

    This chanel us a pure diamond.

  3. K onliner

    They don't wear helmets….

  4. mac berry

    I enjoyed this even though I still don't know any specifications for the electric scooters

  5. MarkVL

    I bought a Caigiees e-scooter, replaced the controller so now topspeed is 40km/h instead of 25km/h. Love it!

  6. Simple Living

    This e-scooters can be built and used worldwide, clean and quiet, but doesn't go as fast.
    Just got back from Beijing and was very impressed with modernization there. Keep it up so maybe we can apply tech here at home.
    Yes need to wear helmets.' In Beijing, major roads have dedicated lanes along for e-bikes and bikes for safety and convenience.
    Also the police needs to enforce to prevent cars sneaking in when pedestrians are crossing.

  7. Eric Hoss

    Love Mamahuhu. However, I got to this video looking up how to repair my ebike. I didn't even know it was you guys until a few minutes into the video. Really enjoyed it.

  8. Gunners

    moving to shanghai soon..and i need a e-bike
    where can i find this store?!

  9. a998

    Great as usual but don't get the low view count.

    Maybe use a Minecraft thumbnail?

  10. Baleur

    9:30 why is he acting like an old chinese grandpa?
    The way he's speaking, his facial expressions, his body language…
    It's like he's pretending to be chinese. Dude you can just speak the language, you dont have to transform your entire being into an embodiment of a chinese granddad ancestor. It just comes across as phony.

  11. Baleur

    4:36 "driving with a passenger on the back, is also Forbidden" HAHAHHA… Yeah ok. Dude i see 90% of all e-bikes in China being driven by moms and grandmas with their kids or granddkids on the back every single day, casually driving past cop cars and traffic police, aint nobody stoppin anyone for that. People gotta get around. Do whatever they gotta do.

  12. Konata Izumi


    They came from behind and honk at you. My heart nearly stopped!

  13. Bell

    The girl is cute!

  14. J C

    What website would you purchase one of THESE? Is this one of their bikes?"Yadea Su Shang Electric Motorcycle/motorbike/scooter Ebike Bicycle"

  15. SUBBUwishingyou MostandMore

    They adopting E bikes bcz they polluting with cigarettes equal to petroleum vehicles 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  16. 沉梦昂志


  17. The Moribundity

    Not a bad job.

  18. Hadjdaoud Momo

    You are so accurate in choosing the right topics to shoot, thank you, again this is an other amazing video

  19. Qixi Li

    Hey, im too lazy to ask google and I have a question. If I’m vacationing in Shanghai, and buy a e-bike for let’s say 3000 RMB, is it right that I don’t need a license nor registration plate? If so can I sell it for like 2000 RMB back to the store where I purchased? I know I can ride a lot taxi and metro for 1000 RMB but e-bike just seem a nice way to explore the city.

  20. Casey Kreicar

    I imported a full size electric motorcycle that gets up to 60mph for less than $3,000 if anyones interested check out my channel.

  21. drfdwf

    Holy shit! Aside from being a well-made documentary, this was a very funny film. Enjoyed this so much! Made me want to visit this country even more. Would love to move to China for a while to work if I can get an opportunity. If someone's here in need of help with storytelling through photos and videos based in China please let me know. I'd love to work in a magazine, NGO, video production, or brands in China. https://tyronedaroca.wixsite.com/portfolio

  22. RedmercyGG

    Max speed should be less than 25 kph? I cycle faster than that….

  23. sandoka medic

    tell us for 3 or 4 wells scotar strong to co hi heals streets

  24. Ryan

    So funny when the skinny guy got an electric shock, he said “Ai yo” instead of “Ouch”…. He is so Chinese lol

  25. San Zhang

    Since when did Matt start using nagging to pick up scooter riding girls?

  26. Michael Bush

    We need a wechat sticker of 9:20 to 9:22 please

  27. Keji Yao


  28. Paul H

    Those things are near lethal, about 40kg silent and able to go over 30mph! Can't count the number of times one brushed past my shoulder just about giving me a heart attack, with just a quick beep on the pathetic horn at the last second as warning (if you were lucky)!

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