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  1. J W

    that's nothing about free speech, that's the disgusting dirty support of riot and separatism in the name of freedom, democracy and human rights.

  2. Brian Colleran

    Glory to Hong Kong is a good song. Yea?

  3. viz Rez

    China is gonna take over the us pushing their thumb on us companies

  4. TC Wallace

    Stand with Colin Kaepernick!!

  5. Limmamikegamma60

    Yeah! Taiwan doesn't exist. Free speech is evil. All hail communism. All hail the NBA. Crush individuality and human rights

  6. D Dorsey

    Had the GM tweeted about a straight white male conservative leader of a majority caucasian country in Europe not giving into illegal immigration, He would be an hero of the leftist globalist.

  7. Eleeth Tahgra

    Seriously? Didnt the D n G mess teach them anything? As in…if you wanna do business in china, dont antagonise the chinese as a whole and dont antagonise the gov.

    As for the video itself, quite an objective and neutral video. It doesnt say whether china or the companies are bad. It simply describe the events as part of larger event (sino-us trade war).

  8. Scot Fretwell

    Disgusting how these people will take a knee because America is supposedly so bad, but these very same people will bend the knee to kiss china’s ass.

  9. Chris




  11. Follower of Pooh

    A small island fighting a big mafia group that buys anyone and everything. How is that not compelling for the rest of the world.

  12. 褚浩宇

    Hope 911 happen again

  13. Zhang Ting

    Quote from @UC1IP-mn0caE2Iw2751dDTnw:
    "Every culture, perhaps more serious, civilization, has its different forbidden area/PTSD/‘N-Word’ in different historical reasons.
    Because of hundreds years of slavery in history even discrimination exists till now, American-africans hate the ‘N-Word’ and something else could be a symbol, like some fruits some crops (apologizes sorry).
    Chinese too. Since 19th centreuy, no, at least 3000 years ago division is always accompanied by war and the greater suffering of people. Especially during mid-19th century to 1950’s China and the people were in an unprecedented darkness and shame. Nobody will let any part of China divides again, never. Anyone trying to separate or doing such thing in fact, they are enemy.
    Chinese may not care much about chXnk not like africans, but do care about separatists and their supporters. This is absolutely PTSD and better not to mess up with."

    There is definitely freedom of speaking. But for me, I'll control myself so that my words (especially those announced in the public) would not break others' bottom line and hurt them.

  14. endofworld

    Theis is not freedom of speech, it a declare war.
    I can guaranteed that if an app like this launch in any country for anti their own country, they will receive the same treat.

  15. Juju W.S

    just an ignorant victim of western biased media.

  16. Johnny DOS

    how can apple be punished?

    the workers would be relieved to not have to work in that anymore!

  17. Ghee Phua

    The Chinese government has successfully co-opted capitalism to serve Communism and thus suppressing democracy.

  18. Eric Tan

    NBA and Apple have kowtowed to the China govt. Ok, now they had better kowtow to Trump.

  19. Henry Lau

    Bye Bye NBA in China!

  20. Geo H

    The wrath for having a big mouth. Lols.

  21. CloudyyTaco

    China is buying freedom

  22. Joe Mama

    Today's mega corporations have no loyalties except to cash.

  23. RAY Ray

    To hell with China and any corporation that licks there stinking money just like the lying no good democrats keep fighting people of Hong Kong

  24. 1Hitmanvee

    So what

  25. Mr. Random18

    Why don't the NBA fans chant free Hong Kong instead of holding signs. They cant kick every fan out

  26. Fred Bread

    The chickens are coming to roost when it comes to dealing with China.

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