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  1. Alpha Centauri

    stop saying fake its just way way cheaper and with same quality and capability….Medical treatment and medicine is very much cheaper that is the only reason that many people from ASIAN & AFRICAN countries visits INDIA even India & Pakistan is on edge of war but pakistanis visit for treatment never stops.

  2. Alpha Centauri

    watch the super hit movie "DYING TO SURVIVE" …………..it is very well explaind

  3. Ming Yuan Heng

    in 20 years after the patent expires we make be able to get cancer drugs like how we get Paracetamol in the minimart

  4. True North

    How ironic! China is number one in producing fake products, but they won’t allowed fake products to be sold in their land! What a hypocrisy!

  5. Cora The Explorer

    Hmmm Chinese govt control everything. They don't trust western medicine and yet Chinese wants to sell their product to the world. Money greedy.we have lots of generic in the Philippines too. A big help to the poor. Move to philippines and India before you finish your savings.

  6. Dx Fire

    It's easy to travel in India for the Chinese than for the Indians in China…democracy

  7. Infoworld

    can't steal because you are poor.

  8. 95 92

    guy spits on floor yep that is china for sure

  9. vishal kumar

    i think saving life is most important than anything else

  10. Kim Lowe

    Gsofei should become an Indian citizen

  11. Haunani Pao

    Amazing storytelling. I had not thought about these issues in China, because they don't talk about their sad stuff. It looks like this will be a booming business model, and starting next week, with the reduction of penalty, I hope that man doesn't have to pay bribes anymore. These people are doing something good. We should support the good stuff.

  12. Saurabh Sarang

    Why don't China have a policy just like the products where patent doesn't work. 70% mortality is big in cancer patients.

  13. osiris1309

    The misconception with regards to the pharmaceutical industry in India is that they are breaking US patent laws to manufacture said drugs.

    People are largely unaware of the reality that US pharma companies regularly take drugs whose patents are about to expire and make minor changes to its chemical properties so as to have them patented again and continue their monopoly over it. Even though the changes have no impact over the efficacy of the drug. This is explicitly done to maintain their chokehold over the drug. This is corporate greed at its finest.

    In India, if the drug is brand new and holds a patent, then it is respected and hence not produced. But when the patent expires and the US based company tries to have it re-pateneted, India doesn't recognise it because their isn't a significant difference between the old and the new drug to award a patent. For any patent to hold value in India, it must be genuinely new and not just an insignificant variation of an older drug that has just lost its patent.

    In the cases where a US pharmaceutical company is unable to obtain a patent for for the old drug that has been altered, they have it deemed "unsafe" and move to have it banned globally and instead bring out a completely new drug that they claim is safer and better than the old one.

  14. Pop_ Eye

    In my city hyderabad (India),even we have large number of people coming from africa. Some stay for months for medical treatment. We have generic stores and can be easily identified in a app provided by india govt. anyone,come to india. Stay here till you recover and go back to your place and tell your experience so that more people who are suffering can come to india and get treated at affordable rates……… china is inspiration to world for what it did in last two decades. Didn’t expected this from chinese.

  15. keshav kumar

    That's why India is called most human country in the world.

    These people think that they aren't caught, but custome officers and police on the airport know it. One of my friend who used to work at airports said this to me. So i said, are you mad, no nation allows Indians to smuggle something of that value, they exact every ounce of money, like i needed otegla tabs and american doubled the price for indians.

    His reply was great. He said, we Indians have given most valuable things to whole world like yoga to keep away disease and stay happy, but still if some one has fallen ill to cancer and that smuggled medicine is his only chance, will you stop him. He is smuggling it, cause he is poor, but not poor enough to not have a zeal to save his loved ones.

    They don't let us take something from their country or over charge it, shows backwardness of their society, not ours. It simply goes on to proove that their society hasn't reached the level of civility that our have.

  16. HalfBreedMix

    1:00 that old guy just hawked a loogie on the hospital's floor ! WTF ?

  17. Kevin spacey

    I am surprised China a country that had such a low enforcement of copyright has implemented laws to prevent drugs from reaching the masses. Poor countries like India and China need process parents rather than product patents to ensure drugs can reach the masses at affordable prices. Drug companies r in business of making money rather than saving lives. That's why India ignored the product patents laws

  18. Andy Lee

    as a Chinese , i very appreciate Indian producte low price drugs to save poor people's live

  19. ayush painuly

    Why don't they visit India and get treated. It might be more cheaper

  20. G. Mendoza


  21. DOKO TV

    Very touching.

  22. Adiwira Tiang Negara

    Corrupt police, custom, everywhere in China and India.

  23. Anand kumar

    People of China want genric medicines from India . Their should be deal signed with both countries and China can import it ,why should this smuggling happen .

  24. Paquito Ignacio

    in China the rich get richer, the poor gets poorer no wonder people there struggling to survive and no matter China is very rich they still want to leave the country for better life somewhere else.


    CHINA should stop making plastic rice because it is sold to poor people. Too much of plastic is used in China as plastic is not good for health.

  26. otteyful

    May God help these poor people who are suffering from cancer.

  27. Black Panther

    Nov 21, 2019 uploaded
    5:46 It says 2017
    Since when did Al Jazeera delay vid uploads?

  28. Macky1101

    Let's not forget China is still a 3rd world country.

  29. TheMiddleKingdom

    Wow, no wonder the Western companies are preferred to do businesses in China than India because one of the reason is Indian's corruption mindsets.

  30. Barison Ghosh

    at last al jazeera told something good about India

  31. 为什么那么多美国人癌症都不治了?

  32. Tarun Kumar

    cancer cant be cured by medicines. Only chemo has a chance

  33. Archer Ztudios

    May all soul be in prayers shown here.. Take carr

  34. Mooncalf

    There is a fairly new idea that excessive sugar from carbohydrates ( eg. sugar, breads, alcohol, and junk food in the west and excessive sugar, rice, noodles, and alcohol in the east ) provides the fuel that cancer depends on for tumor growth. Personally, I have been trying the pre-agricultural hunter-gatherer diet ( very low carb. – vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, and meat only ) with good results. My diabetes has reversed and blood pressure and cbc levels have returned to normal values. I lost fifty pounds and no new skin cancer tumors have appeared. I no longer need any medications. I feel good again. Might work as a preventative for you too, if it's on your chosen or fated path.

  35. Bmlk Kmr

    India is fully corrupted

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