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  1. Bry Baller

    So copying space x?

  2. Michael Johnson

    China successfully tests stolen Space X Designs. Fixed title for you.

  3. tzzupp

    Is this the only view point of this test? Woukd have loved to see from different angles.

  4. BeTeLGeuZeX

    There is Americans that do this for fun…. by the thousands….. 😀 The size comparison of the car to that rocket means not much money was put into this… American hobbyists can get the componets from bps … lmao America 15pts for each private company, China .5pt for attempt.



  6. Kemarat Affeltranger


  7. Paul Nicola Parua


  8. Gaurika Paudel

    Respect from Nepal.

  9. BING toufu

    BGM 不错

  10. Raj Kumar


  11. Wayland Chin

    Gonna need more info about how private this company is.

  12. Arvin Carl Roche

    At last a competition worthy for spacex.

  13. Acacius

    Russia did it. And I heard China stole it from the US.


    We all know the US is pissed off that China is winning and not them.

  14. Vinu Cini

    God bless China

  15. Martin Kennedy

    China spying in x space.

  16. Darcy Mcnabb

    China is done its evil government is going to fall there people are starting to rise up against them. Hong Kong is just the start wait till the muslim start there uprising.

  17. Innova 35

    Now Chinese will come up with VTOL fighters soon

  18. AES

    Elon …. hold my beer

  19. СариельРейнс777

    Linkspace will reach Acheivements, SpaceX will be dead. Hahahahahahahahahaha

  20. AD AD

    Can we use nuclear power in rockets?

  21. Basant Kumar

    I like it's take-off more than landing.

  22. Martin Acuna

    Cool, but it looks a little fake to me?

  23. Chad C

    300 meters lol

  24. Chad C

    Thing is how big??

  25. RollexCars

    They should aim for bigger rockets and compete with spacex

  26. Cliffco

    As usual China stole the reusable rocket technology from America. China always stealing America's technology. I am sure China will give this technology to the Russians. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  27. Moz Art!

    Chines allreday have all Technologie 👌👌👌🎉🎉🎉🎉

  28. xSamuelx

    That’s cute

  29. Мак Играет


  30. pineapplesareyummy

    Reusable rockets and controlled landing of a rocket (the difficult part) – this is SpaceX's selling point, and they've spent many years working on it. This is like the technology forefront. Apparently, it didn't take long for China to catch up.

  31. Jason lee

    Just another copy

  32. Sourav Kumar

    Haters will hate. Keep doing great work china.

  33. Sourav Kumar

    This reusable rocket is like space X grasshopper. That mean after 3 to 4 years china will make fully developed reusable rocket.
    Well done china 🇮🇳❤️🇨🇳.

  34. Rich Richiuso

    Only 70 years behind us

  35. Eleeth Tahgra

    So…spacex pioneered it, linkspace reverse engineer it.

    Kudos for both companies.

  36. Glendene Foster

    When I smoke weed

    I get way higher than this rocket

  37. FuckGooglePlus

    Це ще один гвіздок у гроб залишків совкової космонавтики на Росії.

  38. Stevo Mighty


  39. Robert fg

    Well done next time don't show or else US will say you stole from them.

  40. Manzoor Hekmatyar

    Chinese eat gutter oil (raw sewage) boiled down then used in stir fry's

  41. Валерий Килингаузен


  42. Zamri Rahman

    Another junk from china

  43. L Prey

    They must have stole SpaceX's tech

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