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  1. Kyle N.G.

    The "HK human right and democracy act" and "Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act" are US internal policy. China has no authority to : regulate US policy to anyone, visa or citizenship approval in US, and who assets to freeze in US. If China dont like US policy, dont do business with US, dont come to US, dont invest into US.

    The China government can also establish an internal policy (also apply to themselves and their family members) : dont buy any US products (specifically I phone), give up all the US citizenship, ban anyone from china come to US, and send all their assets from US back to China.

    China is angry because most of the rich and China government officials and their family members are living in US and hiding their assets in US.

  2. khoo boo beng

    USA don't want any Chinese race into US. They were once there to build the railroads. It passed a law abolishing slavery. So Chinese workers were used as contract workers. No Chinese women was imported into US. They did not want the Chinese to breed in US soil. The US then passed a legislation that Chinese workers cannot copulate with white women. So the 4 waves of contract Chinese that were sent to US died an inhumane death eventually. They were not sent back to China after their contract. The Chinese were only allowed to copulate with the Negro women at that time. All contract Chinese immigrants were classified under misfit immigrant department. Misfit means sick, handicapped and sub culture people. The others from European countries were classified as Potentially Allowed Immigrants. US will take one or two Hong Kong people as legal immigrants for showcase and human rights. . Stupid Hong Kong people. They think US wants them. Go and study what US immigration did to their ancestral Chinese workers. . US is purely for the whites. Moron pro democracy Hong Kongers. Trying to champion a race that actually don't want them. Go and study what is human rights and don't forget what is hypocrite.

  3. V Philip

    Sanction all NGOs, its members and all financing NGOs. Financial Sanctions on religious leaders involved in politics.

  4. Sean Yee

    China will also sign and support Venezuela Cuba North Korea and Iran. And Fully support too.

  5. Cosmo

    More sanctions on those who want to destabilise China.

  6. 이재은*일본안사,안가*

    US is using them.S.Korea has also been under a dictatorship for a long time. US supported those dictators.Koreans were massacred and brought out dictators, and now Korea has created the most democratic president in the world.But now US is trying to kill our democracy again.Never trust American.If they valued human rights, they wouldn't have let their children carry guns to school.

  7. jhyt yeyg

    As long as the United States talks about human rights and democracy, I'm relieved. I know the CIA guys are going to start making rumors and lying.

  8. grimm reaper

    china hasn't started on the rare earth yet. business is business.

  9. Sam Sung

    China is keep advancing while US is not. As an American, dealing and staying dealing with China takes more time off from our clocks. Later, more people will rather seek opportunities there. And by that time, US will have grown itself factory workers over the years for,………

  10. learn2 farm

    Eww… pandering to the money men over communist investment

  11. Noobmaster69

    Kiss my red white and blue ass: China

  12. maillaarni

    This is why I started on becoming minimalist. Have less stuff. Buy less stuff from China.

  13. maillaarni

    NGOs? C'mon, China, you can do better than that. You can kick out US companies. C'mon. I double dare you.

  14. Geo economics

    Contain raise of China

  15. Mo

    Its hilarious watching american media pretend to care about muslims, when they've been vilifying them for years….. nice try Murica, we see you prepping for another FREEEDOM intervention 😭

  16. Ken Mc Leod

    The USA hates China because they are better capitalists than the American capitalists!

  17. Bingo717

    The US does not care about other countries freedom or human rights , unless it benefits the US.

  18. andik wicaksana

    trumph support terrorist hongkong.🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

  19. Greg

    China is great at spying, especially with cyber espionage. The Chinese steal technology from all global players by whatever means in order to compete with the USA. China will never compete fairly, openly, or anywhere close to it. Communist China has a different rule book they follow.
    Trade Deal….its never gonna happen with the Communist mind set of screw everyone first before getting screwed. Expecting a Communist to play honest fair ball is not logical. If they were fair concerning trade they’d have to stop being Communists. It’s that simple, that real and simply the honest truth.

  20. Kim Kolbet

    Canceling our military ports, who cares, they're going to lose the business, we'll just go to another friendly port Taiwan that would burn their asses, South Korea Philippines Indonesia their loss!

  21. sMiles the Narrator

    Why is she talking so fast

  22. The Morose Pittbull

    Chinese trolls as far as the eye can see 😆

  23. btqy

    Oh no No supplies for Walmart.

  24. Walt Van Court

    Pelosi and her al Shabaab plants and racists are trying to sabotage our relations with China. Barr her and the democratic party from all Chinese territories.
    Liberals and their media allies are the enemies of nations.

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