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  1. diva gigi

    Why are here all bunch of brainwashed kids

  2. JSB Hmm

    Shrug… The US will go to Taiwan. That will really rile them commies up.

  3. JSB Hmm

    YouTube, stop allowing the CCP to post propaganda on YouTube while that repressive regime does not allow its citizens to post on YT.

  4. Veg Mighty

    Yesss crush United Satan

  5. 白耀


  6. TheNwongy

    Support China, support HK. US meddling will meet a bloody end

  7. Enzed

    How about Xi Jinping actually treats Hong Kong in the Chinese way, instead of the Western Ways…he's so busy teaching the Uighurs, he's forgotten what and whom he is…just go into Hong Kong, round up ALL the citizens, and send them to the Uighurs training centers… obviously this group of Chinese Citizens don't comply to the Chinese way of life, and need to be educated, just like the Uighurs do.

  8. Enzed

    Awesome, let's follow China's example of re-education centers. Let's round up all Chinese people in every country…strip them of all human rights and Freedoms…they must stay until they lose all trace of their Chinese heritage, beliefs, religion, Chinese patriotism and language… Everything must go, to be replaced by the language, religion, lifestyle and way of life in the country they are in. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me…based on Xi Jinping logic. The Chinese won't ever be a threat in my country now, because they would no longer be Chinese.

  9. khoo boo beng

    Invaded HK with a piece of paper. Now want to invade HK with your warships?

  10. Tristan

    Good decision!

  11. bongjai

    China will ruin US anyday of the week. Chinese ppl will conquer the globe very soon. We are the true masters of the planet.

  12. David Bargeron

    Good for China, the U.S. needs to learn to mind it's own business and stop thinking it runs the world

  13. Twinsal

    Good decision !

  14. Jaimes Coan

    Clap clap clap, very very good to know this decision.
    CHINA is right to keep the sovereignty and territory; and Hong Kong need a lesson to understand who are at the command.

  15. Miles North

    Last time I heard a Chinese person this salty they completely fukked up my order and forgot to include the egg foo yung.

  16. xsoireg


  17. Damian N

    We dare you to start attacking one American ships! Do it!! We will reduce you and your communist army to ashes!

  18. 8964 CCP Tiananmen Square Massacre

    Oh no China has hurt the feelings of the people of USA.

  19. CCH

    Well said, support!!

  20. MaxAmerica

    The US is guilty of many crimes on the world. Thanks God for Russia and China! The US' influence will fade away.

  21. Michael Koh

    It’s welcoming and proud as a Chinese to see China strongly stand up against America the bully for interference with the Hongkong affairs …today China is no longer yesterday…the whole world Chinese will stand with China and support for whatever China does to protect their own country…USA better think twice !!!! Mainland China must take action and arrest those traitors for treason…J Wong…

  22. Singa Anom

    Good decision.

  23. Tango Zulu

    About damn time China banned NGOs like NED and Freedom House. If they would have done that in 1997 this whole HK situation could have been avoided.

  24. J. Lee

    Can China warships dock in Hawaii or Alaska? No, so why should China allow this? Hypocrites

  25. Wanna Lon

    USA should stop at Spratly island instead. It does not belong to China according to ICJ.

  26. Anthony Liang

    shot ned operators!

  27. Ed Hui

    Well done China for suspend visit US warships to Hong Kong and don't let Trump bullying our country. Why do Trump always intervene other countries internal matters.

  28. Hadi Lee

    Meddling in other people's affair is what the US is extremely good at.

  29. playlist V

    Here we go again the US feeling hero has come to make trouble again that is not of his business.

  30. Tien Tien

    Unites States should do the same!!!

  31. Tien Tien

    China what are you up to this time🤔🤔🤔

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