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  1. vang tain

    After seeing that, you think other US businesses …. leave the 1.4 billions customers' market?

  2. Art Quinn

    Animal Kingdom.

  3. Gpa Bui

    Looooooong way to get to the 1st world. This is the greatest video for free world countries to learn NOT to look up to Commie China

  4. vietchanchinh

    People of (Red) China are not civilized people

  5. Mo Betta

    🤔 so "Costco" means "Popeye's Chicken Sandwich" in the Chinese language?

  6. Morne du plooy


  7. Diaz Miller

    donaldduck ordered american companies to leave China but Costco against it. Costco opens its 1st in Shanghai, China….Costco will be open many of its stores in China in the near future.



  9. William Lee

    this is Shanghai right ? is not syria or any war zone ? I know china is large number of population, they just can't wait even gate pull up ?

  10. R P

    Chinese are the most vile, nasty people on earth.

  11. Yihao

    chinese old granny and grannpa can destory anything easily. But when they get on bus or subway suddenly become a normal weak olds back. Fxxk it

  12. wenzi3007 zhangchuanqi


  13. Gcd St

    It's a trap from usa

  14. nizicike

    Is that a zombie movie?

  15. Scholarly Reader

    70% of the people there were paid by red China commi party to make look frantic….to appease Trump for the trade war.

  16. C L

    Costco: Will open more stores next 5 years in China. Shut down poorly performance stores in U.S.

  17. Yousif975

    It’s just Costco and it’s not even free

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