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  1. Greatness

    hey can you get a z visa after studying in china minus going back to your country?

  2. nicerackz

    around how much can one expect to make teaching English in China in USD?

  3. flower

    I do not understand why a university degree is needed to teach English to middle and upper school and university. ie an engineering graduate or a IT graduate may good at engineering, but useless at grammar and communicating with a group of students. It was well known over 10 years back plus that IT geeks were not good at communicating, although they were at computer programming and IT related tasks. The modern IT graduates are often not the stero type IT geeks and can communicate better, but it does not mean they can teach grammar and English sentence structure.
    Please do a video on how engineering graduates etc are coping in English teaching jobs.

  4. flower

    I find abit surprising hear you say that working 20-30 hours per week is strenous. Working 40-50 hours per week might be strenous, but not 20-30.

  5. anarki777

    Loving that Kim Jong-Un hairstyle.

  6. Mooncake English

    Very informative, thanks!

  7. Gabo Prado

    I am not white white per say I'm pretty light though kinda yellowish, i am not kidding im resemble asian looking

  8. Dari Angel

    thanks for great tips! but music was so disturbing…

  9. Linda Lin

    I think I will share the same topic in my youtube channel too, to help more people get informed. I know that most foreigners get jobs through wechat groups. For example, I am in more than 100 wechat groups and 10 are about job offers created by expats. Everyday, there are hundreds of post about looking for foreigner teachers in Beijing, shanghai o even small cities. I once post a message about my friend looking for foreign teachers to teach him English in a wechat group and in a few hours, I got tons of friend requests.

  10. Njengenkosi Dube

    For anyone who is unemployed please get me on Facebook @ NJE.NJENGENKOSI for ONLINE BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP i want a partner whom from UK OR CHINA

  11. Itinerant bengali

    I am an Indian. I have post graduate degree in mathematics. How can I apply for a math teaching job in any school or college or university? reply me please…

  12. li leo

    this kind of guy only can teach English in China! for some of the foreign English teacher can not explain grammar properly. what a shame, to be honest, there are so many foreigners with qualification and good education working in BIG 4, investment bank and Joint Venture companies

  13. tallthinkev

    Any idea about music jobs?

  14. Rei Elkey

    What about moving to China to open an IT company? Please let me know what do you think


  15. hyson joseph

    I want to apply for a job sir how do I apply

  16. Angelos Or

    What's up with the porno music background?

  17. Guinéa mignon pig

    Yes YouAreEven tho I'm not from Sichuan and Chongqing , But I guess Sichuan and Chongqing people should have been seriously offended and they indeed need to react to what you said ,I'm not from these 2 places but I'm SHOCKED SHOCKED SHOCKED SHOCKED after your introduction and all the comments here , Be honest , Changsha and all the Hunan province should *Officilaly and *Seriously been behind Chengdu and Chongqing and Sichuan ,, Your presentation is just like ignoring San Francisco and Sacramento in United States , I'm indeed shocked .SHOCKEDDo you have ideas about the reputation towards these 2 regions for all the Chinese people ???

  18. Friendly Rashid

    Hellow. I have bachelor degree in commerce. I have 2 years experience in sales. I am fluent in english.arabic and urdu. I am young.energatic and hardworking. What type of job i can do in china? I am interested to work in China. Please needs suggestions tips and advice thanks

  19. Viktor Arvid

    This was good, thanks!

  20. Mgelin

    So it's about teaching jobs. Should have said that in the tagline. There are lot's of jobs, other than education, as long as they solicit the job before they arrive. Yes, I.T. is viable, pilot-ing is hot right now, doctors are getting jobs. Also, at the end of the video, you mention that "modeling" and "DJing" are good ways to "supplement" income. No… it's a good way to get in trouble. A person must have a work visa to work in China. If a person works outside of that specific visa, they are violating the law. Students CANNOT work in China.

  21. RS D

    How can you apply for a government job?

  22. Recruiter in China


  23. DiTech

    for non-native speaker be an english teacher at university kind of imposible. Currently i'mliving in china working on chinese company. Most important thing is if you wanna work in china not as an english teacher (or business) you have learn chinese at least HSK5 level (which is 1200 chracters)
    Another thing nobody pay a sh*t unless they get something from you (I don't know about americans but for the rest of them)

  24. Schmidty Films

    I've been planning on teaching in Korea but China is becoming more attractive to me after watching your videos. Do they supply a place to live like they do in Korea or are you on your own looking for an apartment?

  25. Jay D

    Good job!

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