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  1. Melissa Fiji

    for relax?

  2. Yaliema Kickass

    This is not art this is a film

  3. faren31

    Ni Hao, China Tracy. I love your videos. I saw a show on your projects on tv today. It was for a program called Art:21 and it was great. I am in Medellín, Colombia, South America. Then I found the videos here on youtube. Thanks!

  4. Patrícia Magalhães

    quite touching. congratulations.

  5. NaoGilles

    For those wondering, the song is called "Eloge", it's made by a Chinese post-rock band, Prague, in their album Le Pont.

  6. KungZoo

    More interesting to watch other avatars in SL rather than to be in it! Interesting work!!

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