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  1. Mohammed Nejad

    restrictions will fail , since parents are the one who get them the game , they just let their kids play their parents account
    GTA online is full of kids

  2. Abdullah Pro

    Hey Linus Sebastin!
    Please buy HP Pro 3500 and upgrade it as much as it can handle! (without changing Motherboard)

  3. Synjinnzfate

    That moment when Linus has shown he wants to control strangers behaviors just b/c he thinks people aren't making decisions he values.. and did it defending communism… at that moment he should clip it and watch it over and over until he can objectively hear himself.

  4. drgnfr20

    I think we need less govt in our home already and parents should take care of it

  5. PG Plays Video Games

    If you look at the punishment for selling cigarettes to children (even in Canada), I don't think the punishment fits the crime. Granted I am not suggesting that linux thinks that selling a bag of chips to a kid should merit a 5000$ fine or whatever it is where you live, but without any other comments to that effect, I have to assume so.

    If "selling chips to a minor" is the equivalent to a misdemeanor, then fine. Whatever. People will still do it but it won't be ubiquitous. But I still think the policy is excessive.

  6. Kknewkles Wildwision

    Huh, here's a reasonable guideline…
    No free to play games until you're 18.For the rest of them – you gotta buy them. With your own money. Maybe you get one of your choosing for each of the major holidays(3-4 tops a year).

  7. Schpankme Verimuch

    How should your kid be INDOCTRINATED?
    It was the Judaeo-Freemasonry Vatican (Jesuits) who published Heliocentricism (a corporation that has fooled billions of people) as the next centuries ticked by these science fiction stories began entering the major Universities (all faith based); from this point on the people were taught to replace Faith (pretend) with Theory (pretend).

    1543 – Jesuits invent Theory Heliocentricism
    1582 – Jesuits invent Heliocentric calendar (Pope Gregorian calendar)
    1651 – Jesuits invent Moon features (Selenography)
    1763 – Jesuits invent Theory Atomic Energy
    1809 – Jesuits invent Theory Transmutation of Species (see Theory of Evolution)
    1923 – Jesuits invent Theory Missing Link (bones lost molds prove find)
    1931 – Jesuits invent Theory Big Bang (another ejaculation into the virgin source)

    Lets recap – Judaeo-Freemasonry sell two (2) products:
    1. HEAVEN, Faith based Christianity
    2. SPACE, Theory based Heliocentricism

    Question: What year did Religion (faith) allow Science (theory) to take over the Space ENTERPRISE?
    i58 . servimg . com/u/f58/19/39/28/69/blue_m11 . jpg (remove spaces)

  8. Rob videos

    A government job is security,health. Also keeping the balance between wealth should be a massive goal. Greed/Poverty to much of one is never good for a country. I think humanity is in a time where only a few have massive wealth and are happy to do what ever it takes to keep that massive Wealth even if that means taking on democracy systems in order to keep their wealth. I think china is right to start coming down on the games industry as the graphics are so life like today that kids/teenagers may start to question what is real and unreal. When you think about games that are starting to use augmented reality i think even younger adults may start question whats real.

  9. lehninger

    lets not forget china is literally committing a genocide this very moment. like, they are torturing, raping, and murdering people on an industrial level. in [current year].

  10. Ian

    25:44 what did you guys edit out?

  11. Reishin

    Damn, I had no idea how totalitarian Linus was. It's like he wants to set the stage for a dystopia a la 1984.

    Stick to technology Linus, politics is not your strong suit.

  12. Joey Keilholz

    Fuck it, RGB chair

  13. Max Max

    Hey which software linus uses to check cpu core usages and temperatures while benchmarking??

  14. simeon kid


  15. Voltaic Fire

    Controlling your kid falls on the parent and not the state, never the state.

  16. adudenamedDave

    I've been working four days a week for quite a while now, and I can confirm that productivity has gone up drastically at the office. Everyone else works a lot harder now.

  17. Tom Hsia

    For the record, we don't have a Chairman Mao day. We do have National Day, which is like Canada day to Canadians, but with one full week of days off. We also have something like a Party's birthday, but that is not a national holiday.

  18. Joey Keilholz

    4 day work week is the future

  19. Kknewkles Wildwision

    6:49 – pure brilliance.

  20. John Smith

    Dead people acting in movies is not new, they already did it for Fast and Furious (even if it was just for a short bit). Also, Michel Jackson had a concert in 2014 as a hologram. Don't act that it's so surprising.
    Also, nobody is using Dean's actual body for the movie, just making a digital version. What about watching movies that have now, dead actors? Is that wrong too? That is giving praise to them but making a new movie is very wrong…
    Bunch of hypocrites…

  21. Jokus Jodokus

    So parents are "too dumb" to decide what games their children are allowed to play but they are allowed to cut off the tip of their dicks at births?

  22. Samuel Evans

    Linus is such a boomer. Thinking thats okay. Doesnt even play video games and he thinks that he knows better.

  23. tskjesusfreak

    I'm way too Voluntaryist (everything is Voluntary or not at all, to the extreme).

  24. Lindkvist

    Videogames should be regulated like it always have been, by parents.

  25. Irregular Fluctuation

    34:32 Nice Save.

  26. Michal Valta

    Of course parents are kinda idiots… At least most of them. They are just people.
    That doesn't mean government should take over their kids upbringing…

  27. Cyandrix

    No more CSGO professional matchmaking or even Chinese pro league teams…

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