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    What if this was chinas warning and that china will back up iran?🤔

  2. TheFinnmacool

    Who cares what China, the biggest THIEF in the world, thinks? Eunice says China cares about "integrity"? You can't be serious? Why did I click on CNBC?

  3. Mark Edwards

    China urges calm and restraint after US kills top Iran general
    What a load of US propoganda !
    How insulting to the families and friends of those murdered in Iraq.

  4. Leonidas

    Only China can save the world, China and Russia please destroy United States of Jews

  5. TheFinnmacool

    China next.

  6. Aditya Stevano

    Such hypocrite of China, while Indonesia Navy are preparing to kick your ships in our NATUNA sea, then you talk bout respecting Soverignity, wew

  7. Ryan Zad

    China should work with Iran to destroy the US lol

  8. Worth the Watch

    China should stfu and mind it’s own business.

  9. chilledrush

    We will calmly take ravage they are not going to talk there way out of this

  10. Henrietta La Immortelle

    aint that ironic.

  11. 省委书记蔡英文

    Why they ask a Korea woman talking about China?

  12. Ali Garda Muhammad

    Just around 3 days ago Chinese coast guard illegally enters the Indonesian natuna sea

  13. Some Viet Guy

    Iran will now buy many newly made nukes from North Korea. Then we will have a fair fight between America an Iran.

  14. James Smith

    THANK YOU MR PRESIDENT for being A REAL MAN unlike Barry OZero the previous 8 years.

  15. De ku

    It’s just too funny when China talks about bully and stuff I mean what just they’ve done to the sea countries? The spratlys island and now the benham rise (east of the philippines)

  16. Grace Gisel

    China will be the next assassination target from the USA. I'm curious about which leader they will pick.

  17. Red Power.红色的力量

    China will back Iran if war breaks out. With series of weapons and missiles. Including air defense system. China has big plan for Iran and they will protect their interest.

  18. pinch mesh

    Red China wants to steal most of the South China Sea, even after rulings by the world court against them, but claims a nation's sovereignty needs to be respected. Odd.

  19. Jimmy Carter

    US. Chicken Chicken 🤔

  20. jack1826

    Wrong. China implies we will not chose sides. Russia also will not chose sides. This Korean woman is not an expert at all.👎🏻

  21. Ali Biba

    This was the "new year gift" that Trump gave to Iranian people.
    Ghasem Soleimsni was not brave when he ordered his troops to shoot and kill unarmed protesters in Iran and Iraq.
    After the killings of thousands of Iranian demostrators in Iran last month by the order of Ghasem Soleimani , he deserved to get what he got.
    Thank you Mr. Trump.

  22. five00pagesaday

    Watch china cancel phase one trade deal and real turmoil begins

  23. Alex 1218

    That's pretty hypocritical coming from China. They didn't respect the South China Sea.

  24. wetsaw

    american army and its supporters … damn idk what to say

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