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  1. Edmond Rahl

    what is beijing doing!

  2. Devron Ave

    One gangster telling another gangster to use restraint, absolutely ridiculous.

  3. Devron Ave

    One gangster telling another gangster to use restraint, absolutely ridiculous.

  4. ᚢᛁᚫᛁᚾᚷ

    I disagree with China 99% of the time because they are worse than the USA but on this issue i agree with China

  5. Photovideo Oz

    this is very bureaucratic response

  6. Bucket with a face on it

    Surely the USA would take out every manufacturing plant in china if there was a war between the two? That would be the end of china within 5 years.



  8. Nguyen Danny

    God Bless President Trump. He sent these people straight to hell where they belong. Hopefully one day normal Iranians will be free… Good day from Vietnam!

  9. Samantha

    China told US to calm down, but they're so aggressive recently in SCS

  10. Tanu Mehndi

    Guys why china will not entertain war..bcoz i they have china products 🍻

  11. cenobitecyborg kratch

    Hey that General of Iran attacked US soil first. Embassies are off limits but this Iranian General attacked it. So US smoked him.

  12. Hidden Hawaiian

    When China telling you to chill you should probably chill out

  13. Hafidz_Qif Official

    this will worsen relations between China and Indonesia, China a greedy country !!!!

  14. Serious Cook

    China has finished off the Uighur Muslims. What restraint is it talking about? Secretly, the Chinese are licking their chops. Trump had no choice but to make China a richer country, because the Chinese State now has the carte blanche to sell weapons to the whole of the Middle East and make money.

  15. Agus P


  16. Juan Batista

    Would that be the same calm and restraint China showed when it invaded the Central Asian Sea and stole other countries resources .

  17. Average Joe78

    As an American citizen I have to say our government has a bloodthirsty love for war. This was planned years ago https://youtu.be/gTbg11pCwOc

  18. xiaorui song

    many people dead in middle east,not in US. 911 is wrong is bad. but people dead in middle east is wrong and bad too. why US want to make many enemies in the world. this is not good for themselves. every people in the world want to live in peace and rich. not only American.

  19. HammerHammerhead

    If a country has a point like Ukraine, Hong Kong ECT…

  20. Tianing

    Anyway, the americans will kill the middle easterners.again

  21. Tianing

    Assassinate foreign officials.What's the difference between America and terrorists?

  22. U.U sheikh

    End of U.S is begin.

  23. afnan geographical sciencesciencey

    chaina or russia nobody will stand for iran.iran is alone.it will not be world war,idirect war between zionist and iran on iraqs land.iran lodt everything.chaina or russia is small ant infront of usa,israel..

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