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  1. TexanerinLondon

    I guess Anthony Wiener will see it, but then he's a corrupt ex-pol and is probably already in the back pocket of Peking.

  2. Mr.L

    Okay, I need the link to check by myself..🙄🙄🙄🙄


    Someone starts talking during porn i click to the next one lol

  4. Roy Batty

    Not my proudest fap, but it worked.

  5. Jon Egan

    lol what



  7. cb

    Chinese Coomer party

  8. cb

    Another reason to quit porn.

  9. Ira Dutary-Audia


  10. Logan Braveheart

    I think it's a little bit of propaganda in this videoI clicked on this video because I wanted to see your shirt off and your hairy chest that was propaganda I'm still throwing the video up but I'm not happy about that shirt not being off

  11. PsyWu

    My Boss didn't believe me when i explained him that i was using my computer to watch chinese news on pornhub.

  12. Den Kiwi

    facebook/youtube have rules and take posts down that infringe their rules…should pornhub not take down those videos if there is no porn involved ?

  13. Dylan Lack

    Finally joined your patreon.

  14. jwod

    Funny how you failed to mention the freedom of speech has been stripped from the silent majority as no one dares to openly disagree with rioters. 70+ separate cases of elderly, women getting beaten up.
    At least CCP don't instantly kill you within seconds of making a political statement that rioters disagree with.
    The Chinese university and poly tech university episodes have shown that the class systems or hierarchy within the rioters, and they are really like Lord of the Files. Oh and of course just like the end of Animal farm, the silent majority can't tell the differences between the pigs and the human dictators (Beijing) .

  15. E F

    Ruining our p 0 r n with politics and news…

  16. I Lőrincz

    Rubbin one out to the smell of burning communists in the morning.

  17. Bryan Vaughan Duke

    First Asin porn without censorship

  18. Bryan Vaughan Duke

    Deh took meh'porn frum meh

  19. jarmo tverin

    Banned on twitter? Not even close.

  20. hushpuppykl

    New Ford Mustang Mach E Will Be Built In Mexico and CHINA! Boycott Ford!!! How dare such an iconic American product be built in that Commie nation. 😂🤣


  21. James L

    GUESS who has place most women world most XXX pornos on web… (Start it all and continue to sell their female flesh)

    War monger, West and those Westernised countries all follow suits…

    Except 1/4 of world population Muslium countries are much better in this regard

  22. Marshall Bishop

    When you need results for your despotic leaders you will do just about anything.

  23. David Wang

    The true motivation behind those Hong Kong's riots is to fight for Meng's release. Court date is due soon in January 2020.

  24. Shadowstray

    I think I need to go do some research on this Disinformation…

  25. Mahesh Bhenchod

    I’m far too brainwashed to believe the Chinese Government about anything.

  26. Gary Gagnon

    OUIoui Your leader did look 👀 AT PORN HUB no let that ROCK YOU be proud Thier all HONG KONG 100%. USA 🇺🇸 China 🇨🇳

  27. Trucker Josh VLOGS

    "Fascist right-wingers"….. Sounds a lot like liberals in North America….
    Makes me feel like I am on the right side of history being a right winger.
    The side of freedom

  28. Metzger JB

    ill sure will have fun

  29. Mike Turk

    The CCP is also obscene and perverted, just like porn
    So, it matches the platform.

  30. Dem Shikigorii

    Can't believe this isn't demonitised.

  31. Matthew Lee

    I cant fap to this

  32. sadakalo media

    this is the most funny thing I have watched today!😆😂

  33. Nam Khanh Ng

    Well, since porn websites arent a thing in mainland China. Maybe Pornhub could win some publicity by asking all porn stars to come out and support HongKong

  34. Kol Nam

    Weird timeline…

  35. cokechang

    Actually the joke on you and western media now that the average citizens are turning against the the civil unrest that’s disrupting their everyday lives, so much for “peaceful” pro democracy protests. And if you think the western media outlets is not at all biased in this, you’re just as naive.

  36. Joe Elyahchouchi

    Pornhub deletes videos that violate the terms of service and the law within 24 hours of being uploaded. It is not a platform for propaganda.

  37. Eabell

    900k subs!

  38. CODEX

    I knew the porn industry were all commies that explain the race mixer push

  39. fx Gamer

    You look like the American guy with YouTube channel : America uncensored!! I thought you were twins but his American and you are Chinese sooooo.. You are probably not twins.

  40. east tree

    This channel spread disinformation all the time. Do you people have conscience?

  41. Hans Weissman

    Oh Chris, just thought you couldn’t go any lower….I stand corrected….

  42. D Chen

    You're so full of it. Why don't you rename your channel as the anti Chinese BS. You know for fact the terrorists in HK were paid to riot. And chosen to ignore the facts.

  43. The Most Original Gamer

    This is Bullshit

  44. Spartaner251

    damn i can't find the CCYL_central user on pornhub to spam it with anti china stuff.

  45. Harry Li


  46. Robert

    Chris, you should have worn an unbuttoned polyester pink shirt for this episode. lol

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