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  1. Trumpy Bear

    Looks like Winnie got caught with his hand in the honey pot. Time to pay up. 😂 🤣 😅

  2. D_Exiled_1 Arisen

    😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣 That's the fakest smile I've ever seen in my life.

  3. Max Barrett

    Game over for Bloomberg

  4. Biracial_ Beauty

    Fk China! 😌

  5. stenbak88

    Bring it on under equipped communist scum

  6. Josh B

    Trump is doing what he got elected to do, no more passive aggressive politicians!

  7. ragerblade82


  8. Leon禾丰

    hi,freedom fighters! why not talk about human rights of Saudi Arab, a close friend of America,maybe it is the model of human rights and demorcracy? say something about Saudi,come on!

  9. James Schwab


  10. Richard Beauregard

    Bloomberg should drop out now and save some of his money

  11. Tom Koller

    Oooh, scary. BSD China.

  12. R H


  13. Kolton Mitchell

    what in the good jesus is that? 2:43

  14. Javier Gomez

    China is like that passive aggressive ex we all had

  15. ImpendingJoker

    Now they need a bill that tell entertainment operations, such a Blizz-tard and the NBA, that if they continue doing what they are doing in China, they can no longer sell to the us without tariffs. I for one already do not support the NBA or Blizzard but, they are supporting money over human rights, and since when is that O.K.?

  16. Franklin R. Futch Jr.

    Has anyone mentioned the irony here, Trump sticking up for Muslims, after his "Muslim-Ban"?

  17. GG Bro

    Battlefield 3

  18. Tom Pratz

    The Chinese own Bloomberg…. He's a pig….. Free Hong Kong

  19. jafar sarai

    China scared of Turkish people. China builds the great wall to protect their area just because of Hun Turkish people, The people right now are living in Hungary. Today Xinjing meaning East Turkestan wants to separate from China and have own government. But unfortunately, no one sees them because they do not want to destroy their relationship with dictator China.

  20. SilvanaDil

    China vows a response? ROFLMAO!

  21. POC Skellington

    Fuck off china

  22. Mary Wright

    Trump always disses people he owes money to

  23. MegaCk93

    Get ready China is gonna run this damn world in 50 years we're all fucked in the future if the US falls or goes completely rouge.

  24. ralph salotto

    Oh No, China is upset. Whatever shall we do??????????

  25. D Johnson

    China is a corrupt country businesses love the low wages they pay everyone all the companies caused this by doing business with the Communists caused our country to build their country to F our country all because of low quality items I would love to see companies who do business with the Communists to loose everything almost everything is made their is cheeply made junk.

  26. Gregory Tyse

    Those "China-men" said that they will love Pappa-Son, (Tonald Drumph), long-time.

  27. that is amazing All

    Chinese fuckers are angry

  28. Zhaoqi Liu


  29. lethal hipster

    This comment section is so full of ignorant nationalist/communist/racist aggressors from both sides that it is practically meaningless to scroll through

  30. Commander Beepo

    China can eat my ass. They don't scare me. Let them huff and puff, they're all talk

  31. Escanor

    Wake up already China wants to start world war 3, they are crazy enough to roll out tanks against protestors, and i bet they would even drop a bomb against own people just to censor them.

  32. Hubert Cross

    this is killing

  33. nomad on a train

    Fuck Bloomberg and his china dick sucking ass.

  34. K H

    jinyang at it again

  35. yuena Gu

    Uighurs are vips in China If the us is really willing to help China it should be the han human rights law

  36. Jake

    Fuck the communists. Here and halfway across the world. Trump 2020

  37. Walter White

    😂Bloomberg must have some kidneys on layaway.

  38. Alex Viye

    Bye china

  39. Nathan Frey

    “Symbolic response”…aka an empty threat. Next.

  40. 206 guy

    Bring it
    – DT

  41. Michael Collins

    🤷🏾‍♂️ Who needs china. Bring the jobs back to America. Move the factories here and Mexico.

  42. Greg Palmer

    Slanted against Trump. Bullshit propaganda.

  43. # Einstein MMA Tony E.

    Bloomberg is a man that loves power , guys a complete idiot that wants to rule the world , running around destroying the 2nd ammendment while handing out CWP to his friends. I Marine couldn't get his CWP after a man was shot in his own yard he was denied his right to conceal carry . Yet it came out Howard Stern was given his Concealed Weapons permit there freinds Howard helped him get elected he wants the wealthy armed and the middle class and poor with no way to protect themselves and there familys from felons and corruption of the mega rich . Guy is a danger to the American way if life .

  44. Destination Euphoria

    Next five subs get a free high five!

  45. AWretchLikeThee

    Is YouTube and Bloomberg trying to get Trump elected again??????

  46. Carrie Steel

    When is China goinig to pass a bill called "San Francisco Homeless People Care Act" to sanction Nancy Pelosi and confiscate all her investments directly or indirectly invested in any stocks in HK or any of her assets that are parked in offshore banks and investment vehicles where China is majority stake holders? Tens of thousands of people are sleeping on the streets, sick, homeless and often without proper clothings or toilet paper in Nancy Pelosi's district. At the same time, China can consider shipping all the radicalized Ughurs to California…helping them get their "religious freedom" in the USA. LOL. Return all the "recycled" plastics sent by the USA from before…that are still sitting in China,waiting to be processed. Tell the USA to take their own trash back and "actually" recyle for once.

  47. Thor Ragnarok

    I think we should stop fucking with China, the sleeping Giant. They're a bit hypo-manic at the moment it seems. So, is the U.S. And, the rest of the world, I guess. But China is scary as hell… lol. I think we should just let China get some counseling for a good 6 months before we make any really rash decisions against them, at the current time.

  48. Rockabilly 325

    Phuck china

  49. Byrdman 51/50

    The whole world should do the same to China!! Oh and to the demon left aka demonrats and libtards and all similar. WE DO NOT WANT TO BECOME CHINA AND WE OR AT LEAST I WILL NOT COMPLY WITH TYRANICAL UNCONSTITUTIONAL BULLSHIT.

  50. howzit3000

    Big deal that US navy can’t stop at HK. There are many others countries that will accept US war ships. Let’s banned chinese students to study to the US and tighten US visa for Chinese citizens.

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