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  1. Thanesh 675

    I'm indian,and I can say that is is shit,stop comparing countries you fucks,start loving each other.Forget about the hatred,remember the Long lasting and beautiful history we had between India and China.

  2. Yugan Dali

    Why did you begin a video about India and China with Tuvan music? Tuva is like Mongolia. They're different, you know.

  3. txiong7

    Racist dog FCK off

  4. Kritiballav Ghosh

    chinese eats snakes and insect..even in 2016..ha….ha…chinese govt should arrange food for their people first..

  5. Kritiballav Ghosh

    chinese are likes ugly aliens👾..different frm whole world..they even cant choose their leaders..and want to be world leader..ha..ha..

  6. simon Y

    funny thing is India always obsessed with China. while China didn't even noticed the little India. China alway compare itself against US , Germany,uk etc, if you want to acheive something you should set up a higher goal!!

  7. 贾艺驰

    in china, no one will compare our country with india, it's a insult to us =_=

  8. rinit shetty

    fuck off , racist pig

  9. lutas wang

    fuck you racist!!! i can see you don't konw china at all! you talk about china but you keep showing japanese stuff!!! what an idot! both china and india contribute a lot to the world,ok?!!!!china was known for fake product,but now it's completely different.india's IT industry may probably be the best on this planet!

  10. sx Romio

    No this guy is not trying to be funny but he is obsessed with both of d country….!. So it imples that he must be stupid american !…

  11. Camaria Rhynes

    I wanna live in china

  12. Jimmeh Wang

    Obviously a biased Indian speaking for India. Is this a joke? It's not even a fair comparison. How about have a foreigner, like an Australian.

  13. Gursimran Padda

    Was this video trying to be funny?

  14. »┼Ascen$iOn..♥

    India wants good and friendly relations with China. it was China who acted as aggressor in 1962, not India.
    Why does China want land from here and there and every where, their land mass is sufficiently big and full of resources to sustain them forever.

  15. 萌萌龙龙

    Why are those pictures not Chinese? Please look carefully, it is the Japanese

  16. FatBoysUnited

    Only thirty seconds in and notice 2 mistakes. India is not in NORTH Asia and both countries don't have more then even 1.5 billion.

  17. Alan Brown

    that scene was not even Bollywood.

  18. Alan Brown

    do you have any idea how most of the inventions in today's world in fields of maths, biology, space stuff, surgery and believe or not  robots are written in ancient indian texts. it is only because of the annexations. and do you have any idea how china has developed it's economy excellently in a short time? first get your facts straight, then talk.

  19. simon huang

    Fu*k this video and fu*k these curry retardad and this gay ass music

  20. shirker9000

    Yeah uploader tell you what ..the computer you actually used to upload this shitty video was made in Asia..So Fcuk You..

  21. LovesQHX Forever

    what the fk is this shit?

  22. Dewa Pagan

    India is rapist country lol ;p

  23. Noname Dontask

    funny how indians would regard the ability to speak english or good english as being intelligent, while at the same time indians look down upon their own hindi language. kind of makes you wonder if they just admitted being born into a sub-par culture/low life that they must hijack english as a source of an inconvenient pride…….

  24. chrislaupuikwan

    Indians are dirty

  25. ahmad mushaffa

    Omg so many ugly people in China and India

  26. Ravdeep Kaur

    wtf is this. We don't only eat Curry. And this is BULLSHITTT 

  27. what?



  28. 四门新

    So many mistakes! The two men are not chinese! They are Japanese! Japanese are more freaky!

  29. Pickle Man

    who the fuk is this ignorant fuker?

  30. Shazad Manzoor

    How long until it starts

  31. Victor Wong

    This video kept showing Japanese stuffs…@.@

  32. devraaj naastik

    china is excellent ,atleast in basics ,chinese govt act quickly while our indian govt whosoever comes in power, he/she wannabe world famous celebrity or powerful person, don't care fo normal humans.. Admit it or not india was never a democracy in her history and so does it not deserves to be right now. Only a dictator can make india well again.

  33. Leo Butchaiwang Phanichphant

    India is more ancient than china! They influenced southeast asia 🙂

  34. Kris


  35. kallli

    If India & China attacks on you together u and ur country will not even be visible on the world map !!!!!


    haha very entertaining  

  37. Akshay Tandsi

    idiotic guy, if you truly wanna know about india and its contribution,just read the vedas and other literary works, we were ahead of you in every aspect 

  38. Zheng Youlai

    Picture on 0:28..Guess you never understand difference between Chinese writing and Japanese writing ..

  39. Jaden shi

    India is full of shit … I will never go there again ..

  40. MITHUN.U Reddy

    It's full of shit, but it's funny.

  41. MITHUN.U Reddy

    It's full of shit, but it's funny.

  42. arpit patel

    Some white asshole made this video which they don't know anything about outside world.

  43. Piyush Kundnani

    U say india is cheap and just has contributed only poverty!! u idiot! C our ancient research,sanskrit,yoga,meditation,mathematical concepts and numerous other things! American,french n other european writers,scientists hv praised indians for their work.if india wudnt hv been there, there would b nothing! Want to know more about our engineering and other skills c ur american n other global company heads! No1 can match us we just need to utlise our human resource and the world would b stunned at us!!wen ull wer nthng we had all knowledge write from the distance between the sun and the earth to aliens! Proof read and understand hanuman chalisa fr d distance and for aliens watch ancient aliens on history tv18.long before pythagoras,that theorem had been proved here. Anything more u want?

  44. samier sagar

    everytime china fucks india, we yell at Pakistan…became order of the indian politics…. no balls to see in to the eyes of china and dare to talk

  45. Terence Tsian

    Really stupid

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