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  1. billy boy

    That's just what Trump wants
    Just like Mexico is not paying for the wall.
    But the American people will suffer from this trade war.
    Thank you Trump we are not winning.

  2. metaldogsg

    Let me just say this – when the banks lower the interest rates so low as they are now in MANY countries across the world, your money will NOT be able to grow even if u save. In other words, your money will not be worth much n it will become harder to save for that house, that college fund, your retirement, etc. because the value of your dollar is stagnant. So if u want to grow your money, it means u will need to invest it n take risks with it. If u haven't got a talent for numbers or if you have no time to make your own investments, u have to turn to financial advisers n "professionals" who are supposed to manage a portfolio for u. Unfortunately, most of these people are only interested in the INITIAL investment u make because that's "fresh" cash. They quickly lose interest in u as the years pass because I won't have the kind of money to keep making substantial new investments. Do u see where I'm going with this? We, the common man on the street are going to be STUCK in the POVERTY RUT so long as the banks keep interest rates low. U should, of course, save n save AGGRESSIVELY if u can. And your only hope out of this rut is to maybe retire or move to a country where the currency is much smaller than yours n make some SMART investments there instead. I don't see the banks increasing interest rates in my lifetime – maybe even yours.

  3. King Java

    Trump​'s Trade War is easy to win.

  4. 吳翰明

    Wishful thinking, farmers will be the fallguy.

  5. GREAT expectations

    Good job china!! Usa is in a recession and people are starving

  6. kenneth hall

    china has 80 % of all rare earth elements they own over a trillion in bonds they make everything. Trump reminds me of Nero burning Rome.

  7. Wawa Washington

    Titanic will never sink!

  8. Tunis Saadia

    The guy is really hurt and look sad. It is a shame now they have a democracy system but a authoritarian President

  9. HoeKeat Ung

    Americans have been conned to believe that China indulges in unfair practises.
    They are such gullible idiots!!
    International trade is based on WTO rules SET UP basically by America herself.
    Now that China follows these rules and takes advantage of whatever the rules provides…America…SCREAMS its Unfair!!! Such is American's sense of Fair-play!🙀🙀🙀

    Another thing…this Trade Deficit has been there a long, long time so for one sitting President to Suddenly reverse all that Deficit…doesn't the action sound haughty, ill-advised, risky and unattainable?
    Today's International Trade is so complex, inter-related and interdepent!
    Are Americans so ignorant..so unintelligent to think Trump will become their Saviour???

    Blaming others for one's Own self-created dilemma cannot solve the issue.
    But Americans do not know that Trump has a darker agenda on China and is using Trade as just a tool …but instead of being a useful tool…he has thrown a wrench into the works!
    Its all going Bad, Bad, Bad for Americans!

  10. DJ Trendsetta

    Bring it, Ch ink pussies.

  11. hela6208

    China has already sourced soya beans, gingsen, lobsters andther products from other countries and probably at better prices. Consumer is king. China knows it and will develop other sources. They are a huge country, will tighten their belts and go ahead. They think and plan really really longterm .They also do not have to worry about populist tactics because they are not a democracy and don't have to worry about elections. Can you imagine they planned to green desert areas more than 60 years ago, moved in people and started continuous programs over 2 generations and that these areas areas are now thriving forests with more than 80 million trees ! These guys are not to be messed with.

  12. Lisa Phillips

    With Hillary we would have made all the money we lost or used in 2008. And still have good standing in the world. With lord baldamore you sink….

  13. Usa Zionist Sweets

    Well… China now turn to attacking mode

  14. Philip Yap

    Americans have elected a unique president who know how to tax the mass and help the rich like himself.

  15. Brian Curran

    China 🇨🇳 was screwing United States far to long put more Tariffs on China 🇨🇳

  16. Stanley Hudson

    🔴 Watch "American Factory" Netflix. I dare you.
    You'll see what Chinese think of Americans.
    Call us Stupid, lazy, donkey, ect.

  17. Morahman7vnNo2

    1080p 60fps, what other news channel does this?

  18. Jorge Luis

    Wet spring, You mean global warming… And China knows who two affect the most… Don’t pick on them🤣🤣

  19. Steve Rousseau

    Remain calm my ass

  20. JT T

    it's not China alone buying less American products.. .. others country also did the same…. where American products going to ….own use.

  21. Norton Newmann

    Don't panic!! Famous last words… the president has just steered us into an iceberg and we're taking on water… hope you paid attention during swimming lessons.

  22. David Leija

    I don’t feel sorry for the farmers at all. They knew from years ago that trump wasn’t going to let the chinese to continue to steal. And majority companies knew that they were expected to move from China so if they go out of business oh fuckin well. For the past few years farmers were the problem, this issue has been around and will continue if they keep crying. Grow something else. The Chinese won’t stop stealing it’s in their culture to steal

  23. Virus Xtal

    Who’s paying the tariffs? Not Trump. Not China. Who’s getting all the tariffs paid? Not us the people.

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