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  1. Kyle Ding

    Why do I feel like the figures you showed doesn't support what you claimed. Do you not know how to read figures? The tariff figure showed a dramatic drop of the red curve. As for the WTO complains bar plot, why do US have even more WTO complains than the entire EU?

  2. Jason Jean

    Huh, misleading right from the get-go I see. China is a developing economy under the WTO rules, which provides it with more leeway to impliment tariff barriers to protect their growing domestic industries. So one wouldn't expect it to have the same tariff barriers as the most developed economies in the entire world (the U.S. and western European countries). China's economy is only the second largest because it has such a massive population, not because it has developed anywhere near as much as the U.S. So the claim that they should have the same tariff barriers as the U.S. is nonsense, unless you are suggesting that the U.S. should be allowed to economically colonize China, again, and put its underdeveloped domestic industries out of business.

  3. Creamapera

    Stay the fark out of Australia china

  4. The Knight

    China is the worlds biggest manufacturer, trader and the largest market!!!!!
    whats the point of having world 'trade' organization if its aligning with the world's biggest bully to sideline its biggest player.
    what the fck you mean by "Beijing has not instituted deep, systemic reforms and its compliance with WTO rulings has been mixed"
    if you are so much worried about 'compliance', Kick out US, Australia etc out of your organization for all the unilateral sanctions they implemented on rest of the world threatening WTO's very own existence.
    You dont have the spine to do it!!!

  5. oterenceo

    America's attack on the WTO by blocking the appointment of judges has caused alarm amongst their allies. Stepping away from rule based multilateralism and going full on unilateralism, the US isn't inspiring any sliver of confidence. Weaponizing the US dollar downright set off Alarm sirens! The world is weary of an antagonistic US. The future place of growth will be in Asia and the US is losing lots of influence here. Care to look into that?

  6. Zener Kuyi

    Trade war is good and easy to win. ——– A stable genius

  7. Erik 567

    Failure of China to abide by the WTO rules has been meet with little consequence. The system is broken if you can not punish China for this behavior.

  8. Tuk

    Lol this is pure anti Chinese propaganda

  9. CaptDantastic

    When I was little, I learned that you stop playing with the kid that doesn't follow the rules.

  10. Angela Betts


  11. Ryan Japan

    Damnit China

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