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  1. Muller Thomas

    PRC, friend of all developing countries

  2. American

    %#$@&! Where is the show?

  3. Henry Bautista

    Congrats, China. Kudos from the US

  4. Terri Robinson

    Tien Eman square? Yes, the world remembers. Appropriate place for communists to celebrate their tyranny over the people.

  5. Terri Robinson

    China's organ harvesting of unwilling , live donors and prisoners

  6. my online

    Communist China = People do hard working and studying to improve country , no time to talk about political useless.
    Democracy country = People always talk about political ideology and making riot , fight and kill each other.

  7. Andy the Malevolent

    Too good to fight against the Japanese during WW2 but perfectly fine fighting against the ones who did ie Taiwan.

  8. 刘伊文

    刚刚看了好多侮辱评论 想说中国每一代人从小所接受的传统教育告诉我们和为贵 我们的父母从来不会教我们 对所有不能让自己满意的事物还以最恶毒的字眼 但是中国有句古话 以其人之道还治其人之身 中国人不惹事但也从来不怕事 所有以恶意相报的人 没有人会怕 没有人会惊 腐骨之蛆 何惧之有!

  9. Terri Robinson

    China has an amazing history. May God free them from the tyrannical, lying, barbaric communist tyranny

  10. Terri Robinson

    Sad, sad day. God free the world from communism.

  11. Terri Robinson

    China has hospitals next to prisons so they can easily transport prisoners for their organs to be harvested while still alive

  12. Terri Robinson

    UN delegation last week showed evidence that China is harvesting organs from 100,000 live relihious and political prisoners each year

  13. Terri Robinson

    An amazing culture and history overthrown by evil communism

  14. Terri Robinson

    China slaughters tens of thousands of Muslims and Christians each year

  15. Terri Robinson

    God free the Chinese

  16. Terri Robinson

    A beautiful ceremony for a barbaric government

  17. Terri Robinson

    China celebrates anniversary by shooting unarmed Hong Kong teenagers

  18. Terri Robinson

    God bless and free the Chinese people in Jesus' name

  19. Terri Robinson

    CCP is barbaric and their people don't even know

  20. Terri Robinson

    CCP harvests organs from 100,000 live people from minority and religious gro up ps in China

  21. Terri Robinson

    Chinese government harvests organs from 100,000 unwilling donors per year – often with no anesthesia

  22. Terri Robinson

    Chinese citizens have no idea what their government is actually doing

  23. Terri Robinson

    Brainwashing your public is demonic

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