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  1. Prince Jadon

    Hate them or like them only idiots and jealous peoples will hate Chinese I don't see Chinese military in any other side of the world killing innocent people they are there for peace and development

  2. Frank C

    Unbelievable firework with Chinese characters.

  3. keo keo

    Happy Birthday China! Keep up the great work. You are an example to the world. Thank you for your contributions to the world, unlike some countries who see $$$ over the PEOPLE

  4. Han Nam

    Looking forward to the 100th Anniversary!

  5. Jin Wu

    China shows the world that if you have a good government and focus on improve people's live, look what you can have and look how happy your people could be

  6. Delta Charlie13

    Waow so proud of my motherland

  7. Romel Nice

    I dont know why some people in philippines dont like China but for me as a pilipino i really like China than USA

  8. Apache 34

    Where’s all the fat people?🧐

  9. Halim Gunawan

    unbelieveable… the sick people from the east ..as the us west call zhongguo ren …becoming one of the super power on the earth ..not just in social politic economic ..but zhgguo leaps forward in sports sciences technology too…the legend of history has come back in the 21 st centuries …long live zhong hua ren min gong he guo ..do your best to cooprt with all over the world for mankind & justice …

  10. iCQ_www-SPCL-tk Special Take

    China has its problems like any nation. But to discard it as slaves, losers or just your personal target of hate…. is plain stupid. These people show what teamwork can do… even it aint all good.

  11. Sajid Ali

    Love from Pakistan.

  12. Kaovei Everson

    🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳❤️❤️❤️love you very much

  13. siu mo chen

    happy b day China from UK Chinese

  14. Kyle Cheung

    Im so exciting to watch this video,I love you China🇨🇳

  15. Smart Fix

    Those will win in the world who was underestimated and attacked and mortified .. CHINA IS BEST

  16. Joe Lake

    Today, India is its own worst enemy due to poverty. China's future worst enemy will be religion, so they should start educating and reminding their people from young/schools with historical proofs/facts/truths. China should also help stop monarchs/politicians of theocratic countries to stop stupefying/exploiting/imprisoning the minds of their citizens with their man-made religions. This is one idea/example…

    Excerpted from Facebook:

    Alfred Wang
    September 18 at 4:49 AM ·

    Which man-made religion is yours? If you are a Jew, Catholic/Christian or Muslim, how can you be so cocksure that your newer/new-found monotheistic God of your man-written "holy" Book is the Sole Creator of the universe?



    1) Vedic Rishis/Saptarishi/Hinduism; Indian (16th to 11th century BC).
    2) Abraham/Yahwists/?; Levantine (13th to 8th century BC).
    3) Zhuang Zhou/Laozi/Taoism; Chinese (369 BC – 286 BC).

    1) Akhenaten/Atenism; Egyptian (1353 BC – 1336 BC).
    2) Zoroaster/Zoroastrianism; Avestan (c. 1000 BC).
    3) Solomon/Judaism; Judean according to the Bible (970 to 931 BC).
    4) Parshvanatha/The penultimate (23rd) Tirthankara in Jainism; Indian (877 – 777 BC).
    5) Nebuchadnezzar II/built the Etemenanki, established Marduk as the patron deity of Babylon; Amorite (634 BC – 562 BC).
    6) Ajita Kesakambali/Charvaka; Indian (6th century BC).
    7) Mahavira/The final (24th) tirthankara in Jainism; Indian (599 BC – 527 BC).
    8) Siddhartha Gautama/Buddhism; Indian (563 BC – 483 BC).
    9) Confucius/Confucianism; Chinese (551 BC – 479 BC).
    10) Pythagoras/Pythagoreanism; Samian (c. 520 BC).
    11) Mozi/Mohism; Chinese (470 BC – 390 BC).
    12) Makkhali Gosala/Ājīvika; Indian (5th century BC).
    13) Ezra/Second Temple Judaism; Levite Judean, Kohen (c 459 BC).
    14) Epicurus/Epicureanism; Samian (c 307 BC).
    15) Zeno of Citium/Stoicism; possibly Phoenician, albeit a Greek national (333 BC – 264 BC).
    16) Pharnavaz I of Iberia/Armazi; Georgian (326 BC – 234 BC).
    17) Patanjali/Rāja yoga; Indian (2nd century BC).
    18) Eshou/Nazarene; Galilean-Judean? (30 – 33 AD).
    19) Paul the Apostle/Pauline Christianity?; Judean, albeit a Roman citizen (c 1st century AD)
    20) James the Just/Jewish Christianity?; Judean (c 1st century AD).
    21) Lakulisha/Pashupata Shaivism; Indian (1st century AD).
    22) Judah the Prince/Rabbinic Judaism; Judean (2nd century AD).
    23) Montanus/Montanism; Phrygian (2nd century AD).
    24) Marcion of Sinope/Marcionism; Pontic Greek (110–160).
    25) Nagarjuna/Madhyamaka; Indian (150–250).
    26) Plotinus/Neoplatonism; Roman, Greek/Hellenized/Egyptian ancestry? (205–270).
    27) Mani/Manichaeism; Persian Western Iranian/Airya (216–274).
    28) Arius/Arianism; Berber, born in Libya; hellenophone? (250–336).
    29) Constantine/Catholicism Christianity; Roman, Greek/Hellenized ancestry (4th century AD).
    30) Pelagius/Pelagianism; British, Irish? (354–430).
    31) Nestorius/Nestorianism; Romaniote, Byzantine hellenophone (386–451).
    32) Eutyches/Monophysitism; born in Constantinople (380–456).
    33) Mazdak/Mazdakism; Central Iranian/Airya (died c. 526).
    34) Bodhidharma/Zen; Indian (5th or 6th century).
    35) Muhammad/Islam; Arabian (570–632).
    36) Songtsen Gampo/Tibetan Buddhism; Tibetan (7th century AD)
    This list continues on my comment below.


    It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.
    Mark Twain

    The worst prisons were not constructed of warped steel and stone. They were carved out of expectations and lies, judgment and corruption.

    Kelseyleigh Reber, If I Resist

  17. Seemannsgarn

    Der kleinste Rotchinese ist ein Tampon.

  18. Adam Adam

    Meanwhile in america: crooked presidents, swindling candidates and streets full of gun violence and drugs!

  19. S Y

    this firework was at another level only can happened in China!

  20. Ekkarach Mo

    Greatest is not what you say, it ' s what your performance. We are so proud of you. Cheerful for your 70 th. Celebration. Unity ,Leaderships of China will make the whole new world great again.

  21. Ghost87

    Fucking commies murdered over 80 million Chinese civilians during Mao reign

  22. Colin Hsu


  23. depdark1

    just wow !!!


    Firework was stolen from the US 5,000 years ago!!!

  25. Xeejii

    This was beautiful, especially the first 3 mins.

  26. 黄爱芳


  27. DAN YI


  28. Avagina Bulava

    We can see that this people are so proud, never sanctioned a country, never invaded, never imposed their way of live on others, that is the result of a great nation.

  29. muhammad salman

    Happy Chinese Day, from Pakistan♥️♥️♥️

  30. akbar hussain


  31. Василий Чернов

    А во же время в прогрессивной европе Грета Тунберг! Европа вперед к Плоской земле, а там и инквизицию можно возобновить на примере штатов

  32. Kinki Choi

    Thank you RT, a rare gem in Youtube!

  33. Penguin Allahabadi

    This is the celebration at night. First 4 minutes are worth it.

  34. Eakpisit P.K.

    Time for China now, make it well and keep up only good.

  35. Manju Bisht

    Oh my god. So amazing. No other country in the world can do it.

  36. Art Zhao

    I want to see some people's jealous expression, lol

  37. Art Zhao

    很好很好 很好 自豪 自豪 自豪

  38. ธนู โสมาเกตุ

    Happy birthday china i loveyou❤

  39. Abed Okbaldet

    Trump Will be crazy

  40. u urnina

    China is awesome, This is the best National day parade i have ever seen.

  41. Red Power.红色的力量

    Very cultured land and color. Red Runs deep In Beijing last night. we Hope Russia can participate our next March.

  42. Kony Qiu

    China the Great Country

  43. Zack

    We, Chinese ppl,happy with CCP and love our nation. So West dont disturb China in the name of helping Chinese get free.

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