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  2. Achterhoek Games

    those vietnam borderguards make me crack

  3. I Like Pancakes

    Chinese have an extreme form of Stockholm Syndrome. They love their country so much and don't realize how little the government cares about them.

  4. zadose

    Lol, people say China is great, but China is flawed and has a poor culture…. I mean it's the same culture as the bullying leftists…. bullying gets the businesses to cave, and the workers and the rest of the citizens are pissed off.

  5. Handsoff

    The Chinese government are idiots

  6. 37.5 。

    nice video!!

  7. Andrew

    I remember yooooou….

  8. Jaslyn Koh

    I love Taiwan, its a beautiful country. I rather travel to Taiwan then china.

  9. Sam S

    China takes the “Unitary China “ policy very seriously and very personally and according to it, there is no dispute of any sort that Taiwan is a province and part of China.

    The reality and the Taiwanese people would tell you otherwise.

    But their diplomatic relationship with countries is based on you unilaterally accepting the Unitary China policy or China is going to have serious problems with you.

    I guess in China, perception is more important than reality.

  10. Rimgaile Kasnauskaite

    We should not support or encourage bullies because they will want more become more aggressive and it will be worse. I am looking ant China while saying this.
    China province of Taiwan

  11. coconut1984 coconut

    Taiwan is now a separate nation. China need to grow up and accept it. With all the crazy leftism in the West, I may have to flee to Taiwan.

  12. Tio Caiman

    I want to go to China with a tshirt saying "FREE AND SOVEREIGN REPUBLIC OF TIBET"

  13. Robert Jacob

    That is pretty silly but really unimportant, In the USA you get your youtube video removed by saying that homosexuality is perversion. And that immorality is a method communists use to destroy a country in order to take it over. The USA is PROBABLY more immoral than CHINA

  14. eric Yuan

    Great video, appreciate your hard work. Always remember: China is disease.

  15. Jason Fletcher

    Get out while you still can !

  16. Preston Martinez

    I plan to visit Taiwan and let's be real it's it's own thing.

  17. Thomas Pan

    According to what you said, that means Hong Hong and Macao are not part of China? Taiwan is part of China based on the constitution of PPC ( People's republic of China), or ( Republic of China). 臺獨 is not acceptable!

  18. Harry

    Lol taiwan IS China!!! It's just the only unoccupied part. Why do you think they're called the Republic of China?? Because they ARE China. Red China is not true China, its just a backwards government exploiting its citizens to gain power and money. But don't get me wrong, mainland and Taiwan are both China but the mainland is simply occupied by a "communist" government with Winnie the Pooh as its dictator

  19. Liam Fitzpatrick

    Imagine if people got upset at people calling Hawaii 'Hawaii' instead of 'Hawaii, a state of the USA!'. So ridiculous.

  20. Sean Mitchell

    Taiwan is a better version of China. In part, that is why the Chinese government wants to eradicate it. It's embarrassing that a Chinese place without all the bullshit can do well.

  21. Brandon huffman

    How old is laowhy86? He seems to barely age. It's there but I swear from 2016-2019 it seems like he has aged maybe a year.

  22. Snowy ツ

    "got England" "it's gonna rain, again" LUL

  23. Jacob Stewart

    I think it would make sense to say that 'China' is wider than simply PRC territory and that it encompasses all areas that are culturally Chinese, whether that includes Taiwan or not. This is not, of course, to say that Taiwan belongs to the PRC or mainland China to the ROC (although judging by the PRC's actions it should IMO) but rather that China is ruled by multiple governments.

    What do you think?

  24. Mark Fischer

    In President Trump China has more than met its Match. Having been snookered by China from January to May 2019 delaying increase in Chinese import tariffs on 200 billion dollars raised from 10 percent to 25 percent while Chinese negotiators told American negotiators what they wanted to hear and then at the last minute the Chinese government ripping up everything their negotiators agreed to, you'd think President Trump would have learned his lesson about how China deceives its adversaries it can't outright bully. But at the G20 meeting China pulled the same trick again. President Trump had agreed with President Xi to hold off on 25% tariffs on 300 billion dollars of remaining as yet untaxed Chinese imports and backed away on high tech exports to Huawei on which its very survival depends. But President Xi proved he is even stupider than President Trump. within only a few days he demanded that the US drop all existing tariffs on China if the US wanted further negotiations. He incorrectly miscalculated that the US is desperate for a trade deal. There isn't the slightest chance that President Trump will surrender to that ultimatum. If China believes it has the upper hand it could hardly be more wrong. Having studied China's economy for the last four years and knowing something about economics, when you compare China's Income, its GNI stripped of local buying power PPP and compare it to what the US income will buy on the world market the US has at least five times China's economy if you believe the Chinese Communist Party's numbers. 3.5 trillion dollars at most compared to 18.5 trillion dollars for the US with one quarter the population. China's government is 35 trillion dollars in debt through its shadow banking system. It is printing money to prop up its failing economy like crazy, nearly a trillion dollars through its shadow banking system. Much of it is probably being used to build more of those useless buildings that start falling apart almost before they're done.

    To survive China needs access to US technology and untaxed access to US markets. It will be denied both. It also needs its other large market the EU which is also on the verge of collapse, economically, politically, and socially. Economic mismanagement is only one sign of China's failure as the worst money managers in the world. There are many others almost too many in number to count.

    Given that China is taking ordinary foreign citizens as political hostages like those from Canada the best advice you can take if you are a foreigner in China from a country that China doesn't like, get out while you still can. The closest paradigm in history we have for the current state of China is Nazi Germany. The resemblance is uncanny. BTW, all of those stupid schemes China has, the Petroyuan, One belt one road, AIIB, trapping poor countries into impossible debt to later turn them into colonies won't work. Example; China has about 1900 tons of gold worth about 80 billion dollars to back it petroyuan with by using it to buy oil. But it imports 116 billion dollars a year of oil.

    Is the US dollar backed by gold? Can you buy gold for US dollars in China? Japan, Taiwan? Europe? You bet you can, they'll be only too happy to see those US dollars. The only one who won't sell you gold for US dollars is the US Treasury department. A government backed US dollar would be plain stupid. The US dollar is backed by something far more valuable than gold. It is backed by what it can buy and every year it adds 22 trillion dollars of mostly world class goods and services to the pile that must be initially paid for only in US dollars.

  25. BayanTheOne

    PRC is Asian Russia, probably even worse

  26. BJ700

    They sound like a nation of megalomaniacs. I bet they would still complain, even if the advertisement read cheap air tickets to Taipei.

  27. BJ700

    @ 00:17

  28. Quynh Chi Luong

    Taiwan is an independent country and "9 dashlines" is ridiculous!

  29. Explore more

    I am in Vietnam now and the Vietnamese hate the Chinese for obvious reasons

  30. Dr John Xavier

    To the CCP and the all of the pieces of shits called extreme nationalists, i say this: fuck you , fuck you to the moon, you can fuck off there and eat the rocks you freaks

  31. Kev Edwards

    China was part of the Tartarian empire , this is recent history, the wall was built to keep the chinese out of Tartaria, all part of the history that has been falsified

  32. Charles Lathrop

    "Taiwan is China."
    "Why don't you invade them if it means so much to you?"
    shocked Pikachu

  33. Huang Jake

    u need to make tons of episodes about why racists are such an issue in america(police shooting african americans every year and etc.); why america is addicted to invade foreign lands like Iraq, Seria and etc; talking about bully, america is the biggest bully in the world, Period! all those shit america has done is infinite. u guys r just so biased and could be called brain dead. keep talking bout trash bout China, ur day will come

  34. Ruth

    They hurt the feeling of Taiwanese people and our sense of secure.

  35. Louis Wu


  36. Cold TeamZx

    8:05 these ladies need to be hired to dance in some rap music videos

  37. JJ Bookman

    Why is Taiwan and Hong Kong afraid of China? Hmmm, wonder why?

  38. Oh God It's Mad Dog

    All super power countries will bully little countries. US does it now. Britain did it. It's normal.. get over it boy.

  39. OrdinaryPen

    "Get woke go broke" is really damn accurate here. Lmao

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