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  1. Denis Cortes

    Communist playing capitalism ? That recipe doesn't work at all. Back to the 60s, Nikita Krushev (correct my spelling please) told Mr. Richard Nixon or John Kennedy (correction again) something like this ( We the ussr will bury the capitalist system. He swear to become our undertaker. Ever since they have been practicing capitalism basics (playing free market) with communists rules. Bottom line; what happened to the USSR, Cuba Vnzla. You name them. Capitalism must be play by capitalist rules. CAPITALISM IS SMART, IT PROTECTS ITSELF. SIMPLY JOIN IT.

  2. Shopping Jackster

    Ever done a series on the collapse of America? After all our future, our children, are being shot indiscriminately at schools by…other children. Fuck you USA! Heil Trump, the great fascist dictator elected by our pristine democracy, LOL!

  3. Antonio Gates

    it is not impossible
    pollution and contaminated food will destroy china

  4. John Martinez

    China's economic collapse will come and that is when the real danger begins.
    When a countries economy collapses, no matter what kind of government you have, social unrest follows.
    In China's case the problem is compounded because of their one child policy and families wanting a male child.
    With all the young unemployed, no chance for marriage angry young men the communist government like all governments facing unrest will divert that anger by starting a war with another country and conscripting and shipping off all those young men.

  5. Gani Wiryawan

    when,,,when,,,,when ?~when

  6. tom Dobyns

    For China to be able to sustain growth without the rest of the world, the Chinese people will have to improve their income status, which the CCP does not want.

  7. Diane M Kuchins, too

    you lost me right at the start when you talked about dispacing rural folks into horrible factory jobs as "progress".

  8. onceANexile

    Fuk stinking china

  9. Canyu Lucas Li

    A: Tell me a joke.
    B: The Economic Collapse Of China
    A: Nice

  10. Vic Morrowshead

    Ghost cities. for our criminal politicians and others escaping from justice. and the noose.

  11. William C

    China has been collapsing for the past 5000 years..

  12. Gani Wiryawan

    Gordon Chang hallucination

  13. LISH IV

    sorry, China,,,,,,but I do believe u ll collapse soon(

  14. Hao Wu

    In fact, In about 10 days, China's manufactory business will come to a halt, most shops will be closed, the local government will shut down, stock markets will be frozen. Rich people rush overseas, while most people will stockpile foods, people will not be working anymore…

    Happy Chinese New Year!

  15. David Lee

    Talk about your own collapse. Its hottest news all over the world.

  16. Alex Mercer

    China will still have its superior infrastructure and workforce to make things, let alone more competitively. This anti-Chinese propaganda channel just assumes the US is in a commanding position for the trade war because Trump said so.

  17. tfylhk

    China economy keeps collapsing since early 2001

  18. mid191

    This is definitely bad reporting the stockmarket only consist of 4 percent of Chinese savings while America has 25 percent of savings invested into the stockmarket. So the stockmarket doesn't reflect their economy. While the debt is real.

  19. Josh Young

    Chinese propaganda. They want everyone to think the worst of them.
    China now surpasses most all countries in most all categories.
    In what way is this a sign of economic collapse?

  20. Khayyam Bahadur

    How could you go so wrong on this, China was never a communist state. If you want to call State Capitalism as communism, it won’t make any difference. But at least you should have known why is this system called ‘capitalism’.

  21. Destiny tran

    Why don't they let people move in to those empty houses?

  22. Mister Methuselah

    Everything in China is a scam and lies. Do you know what's a good indicator of a collapsing Chinese economy? Yeah, the huge capital flight that is accelerating now with the new clampdowns.

  23. John von Shepard


  24. Michael Kranyak

    All things in time.

  25. subzerosti

    name of backround music?

  26. Yen Tao

    Please make ‘China will collapse in 2019’ six weeks from now..

  27. David Hynes

    China keep printing money.

  28. marco brenni

    China's economy is doomed. No one communist regime has ever lasted for long time

  29. Are See

    China is a ponzi scheme. No treess grow to the sky. That includes China's economy. The laws of economics will tell. A place built more on hidden debt than all of the West.

  30. sonic070

    I wish all good to China! But the fact is that China is slowly killing European Union and USA with huge trade deficit, they can buy EU or USA firms but we cannot buy Chinese firms, they can buy properties in EU or USA we cannot buy they there…. i dont see this as a fair deal.

  31. R E

    All market indicators do not look good for China. And fortbsor if you saying we’be been saying collapse for 20 years… different this time. The US and world is pulling away due to your crooked ways.

  32. Robert Adkins

    Waaaaaaay too many fucking commercials

  33. Robert Adkins

    Hey asshole your violating the commercial time allowed by law.

  34. Jeffrey Kalb

    China's 50-cent army is out in force…

  35. Lelan Powell

    China's economy crashes, their new economy rises.

  36. THINH LE

    We love you president Trump what you are doing right now is right and good for American people

  37. 吴秋明

    always collapse but reverse

  38. Sweenie Swee

    fake news again

  39. wilbert rodrigo

    China occupied independent Tibet…occupied independent Xinjiang….and want to occupied Taiwan…and occupying elligally SCS and claiming illigitimate navigational restriction in SCS.

  40. Stanley Mcfalls The Southern Comedian

    They about to take over America and ship are ass over there to work lol

  41. astro ayumi

    fake news hahaha nobody believing you except those envy idiot hahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  42. f581474x

    You showed a picture of Shenzhen airport. I went there in 2017 and it was jam packed.


    God is Great.

  44. chris worth

    Two minutes into and there’s a commercial? No thanks

  45. bb89670

    I'm waiting for the collapse.

  46. MrMarshallAC

    Keep dreaming about end of China, US and the entire world. Chinese government atleast keeps China first unlike the so called democratic states which even let down national pride and values to appease the migrants and fill their populist vote banks.

  47. manuel ortega

    I got a question??? How the hell is china buying all the gold that they are importing IF IN FACT THEY ARE ON THE EDGE OF BANKRUPTCY??? Is it or not fact that china sells no "mined'" gold, and dies in fact import several million ounces / year. If true, then what the hell makes you think they are going under financially??? The threat of china going down the tubes appears to be one more piece of bull-shit put out to the public. Prove me wrong, then tell me how they (china) are not anticipating taking control of the money supply.

  48. Ken Parker

    Has not got a clue why these cities were built. Why are these so called experts so F@&#)+G stupid?

  49. Buysome Bitcoin

    LOL ghost cities, stupidest thing ever! Put the jobs there, people will follow.

  50. Patriotic American

    The only country that's going to collapse is going to be the United States because the United States doesn't have any work ethic okay just because Donald Trump has a lot of zeal in his speeches doesn't mean anything he's just one man standing alone and everybody is just waiting for his time to run out he's going to get burned out he will not be reelected he does not hold the sentiment of the country the sentiment of the country is to be lazy the sentiment of the country is to get fat and eat cheap snacks and cheap fast food the sentiment of the country is not to be the world leader the sentiment of this country is not to be any kind of a leader on this planet and all their ridiculous ideas of space force and Military domination all that the sentiment of this country is not for that what Trump should do is just pull back the military from around the world reduce the military spending from almost 800 billion dollars to like 20 billion dollars

    What Donald Trump needs to do is he needs to focus not so much on China he needs to focus more back home he needs to eliminate the Department of Health and Human Services he needs to eliminate all of the social programs that have been around for a hundred years now and that's what's killing the country billions of dollars are being spent on giving free things to the Americans that are fat lazy and stupid that's where the cuts need to come from you cannot be angry at China because China manufactures the cheap Goods that Americans buy every single day and even beg for

    The cuts in America need to be done where you remove welfare you get rid of all the ridiculous laws or everybody is just suing each other in courts all the time and everybody is a victim and everybody is blaming each other eliminate the ability to file a lawsuit eliminate all the regulations eliminate all of the protections that people have

    Get rid of things like family law child support Social Security Medicare veterans assistance get rid of all the entitlement programs that are inside the United States those out up in the trillions not a measly 500 billion over the last 10 years he doesn't tell you that 500 billion has been spread out Beyond 10 years worth of trade deficits

    China by itself is not the culprit okay it's like blaming the guy that runs the Chinese restaurant because you got fat because you eat there 10 times a day America needs to stop using oil and it needs to end its relationship with the United Nations and the relationship with NATO and the relationship with OPEC we haven't seen a single bit of change in the United States in the last two years with Donald Trump as president in fact now we're even picking on Russia you know what happened to let's be friends with Russia and now we're going to put sanctions on Russia this is ridiculous the problem is still inside the border of the United States

    Why hasn't Donald Trump cut 25% of all federal employees why do we need hundreds of thousands and millions of people to work for government agencies all across the United States why do our taxes have to pay their salaries for federal employees Correctional institutions prisons and all these courts and things why doesn't he shut down half of the court systems in the United States to save cost why doesn't he shut down half of the Circuit Court of Appeals in the United States why do we need so much overhead in this country we don't we don't

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