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  1. nitin reddy

    Yes I agree, I'm from India and I see india developing Rapidly we are building new advanced cities like dholera
    Our beloved prime minister is a very smart person almost every indian loves him even if he did a few blunders like demonetization

  2. Felix DuBois

    Pretty nice video! And now that I see it on 2019 it is easy to see what really happened. It was good for You to try and predict. Is not really that easy to do such an estimate looking at the way the politicicans lately are acting. The so called economic war which is not letting things run as they should. But it really was a good try. But the main thing, the video and all you inform is pretty informative. Thank You!!!

  3. Vinh Bảo

    Too high.

  4. Anthony Harris gaming

    .7 % off its 6.7

  5. playlist2384

    It's the end of 2018 and Google is showing as 6.9%. This may be incorrect, however. Can you make an update video? thanks

  6. Stay Well

    Your not taking into account Ai automation robots working for far less than Chinese workers “. The Chinese story is all but over”. Only economies with educated workers will survive – they will have huge unemployment and the they will crash in the next 3yrs because there will be a huge Ai robot industry where these simple repetitive tasks will be done by robots who are willing to work for less than Chinese workers

  7. Mark Brzezinski

    Wow the comments are so emotive!
    I don't like India because its so bureaucratic and corrupt. I would not invest there. They can not even manage the Muslim problem to the south west and they have this dumb class system.
    Unlike people from China they are not team players. They all want to be Doctors or professionals and rule their own world for themselves.
    China has worked like Singapore because smart people run it and they don't waste time and money on elections of idiots who most have at best a personality disorder and at worst are insane mini me Adolf Hitler characters.
    Many items from China are ok quality these days. I don't see that as a problem going forward for them.
    China would be happy to slow down a little even to 3% so they can transition into a cleaner sustainable economy. They have some work to do there and they are doing it.
    India is so dirty and over populated for its resource base it would be stupid to try and make it reach the growth rate of China. India is India and will never be anything else because of the culture of the people and the old British political public service "Yes Minister" system.. As soon as you give an Indian a job in a factory they will go home and produce 10 children because they suddenly can afford a bed. You give a China man a job and they go home sleep on the floor and think about building their own factory.
    Sorry to disagree but China will keep going up at a slower rate and India will stay about the same as it is now except in India the population will double in the next 70 years for the same GDP and China will have a stable population with higher GDP.


    you estimate it low but after US sanctions it is going to low

  9. Joaquim LLOREN

    Boycott china products worldwide its simple I stop buying china products and I will continue the campaign to convince praople stop buying chinas crappy products

  10. tenzin sangpo

    Over the recent trade war US will make china into deeper tunnel…

  11. Shaehan Khan

    India and China can go at each other's throats, roll over die for all I care! I'm making a new YouTube video titled 'Bangladesh in the Middle: Why Can't Those Two Crazies Be Normal like Us?!?' and another one titled 'Bangladesh and Why India and China Should Learn To Be Happy Averages Like Us'… Just saying… Lol!

  12. Gray Rook

    2:55 or maybe even a trade war?

  13. liahma123

    as of july 17,2018…the growth rate of china's GDP is 6.8%…so, you are wrong…

  14. Henonaga

    I don't believe these projections because they always come out wrong at the end of the year. People thought China would grow 6.5% in 2017, but they grew 6.9%

  15. Nicholas Roi

    Chinese gdp numbers are always inflated

  16. allgoo19

    Economic growth figure in based on the number announced by the Chinese government.
    They can make up anything.

    "What is China's actual GDP? Experts weigh in"
    "yet commentary from around the world suggests almost no outside investor or economist believes Beijing's figures……"

  17. 程鹏

    Q1:6.8% Q2:6.9%

  18. 乐哩

    If China is more than six percent, you can visit China

  19. H D Dunbar

    I am an economist (MBA-University of Texas Austin). I would only say that when dealing with China its very difficult predict growth. Like the former Soviet Union, top heavy Communist based governments don't offer much support for predictions.
    Unlike other major countries i.e. the USA, Germany, UK, Australia, economists looking at metrics of China's economy have to
    do a lot of "inference calculations" as to what the numbers coming from the Central Committee really represent. What are
    the baseline data on home construction, farm production, etc. In the USA ever since the 1920's American companies can look to government detailed data (much from the US Census) on output / growth data coming from each sector to plan for homebuilding, commercial bank lending, highway construction, etc. to figure out how many people to employ, where people intend to live / buy homes / family size / school-classrooms needed, expansion of the money supply, etc.
    Nothing like this is in my view in China to my knowledge until the year 2006. The stats my research has found are from private data vendors and may be accurate or maybe there may be Chinese govt. data but I didn't locate it.
    Like the oldtimer's warning: "Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics"

  20. Bobby Westner

    W t f does India produce???????!!!!!!!!!!! All I see is 7 eleven stores. Get off crack u twit c

  21. namal de silva

    even though I'm a sri lankan I still love china a lot

  22. Huang ZB

    A low caste Indian trying to fake as a European.

  23. Rene Murrieta

    Sounds interesting. Will affect the US

  24. Ahmad Shukairy Jamali

    Nicely done!!!

  25. Laurence Raiser

    India is a slum.

  26. Raunak singh Dhanjal

    Maybe it is a bit high

  27. Khonpati n

    Too high !

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