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  1. ydl con

    very good lots to clean up.

  2. watcherofgoodvideos

    @viet1963 pieces of trash on the ground are less of a concern to the masses of chinese people living in extreme poverty. Feeding their families and finding work are clear priorities.


    this video speaks volumes about the idiocy going on in china, not just in terms of pollution but also in terms of how dumb and completely useless most of the construction activities are. construction is mainly put in place by government money contracting equally goverment owned or staked companies so that the money never gets out of their circle and so that they can book these "self injections" as economic growth which they need to not collapse.

  4. Lykkeit418

    it is absolutely rediculous how much waste is milling around their city, and that they feel its normal to be surrounded by it. Whom ever threw they're useless shit on the grond is an ass. Oh and i agree with TerraVires. We don't desreve the earths beauty, while we're the cause of more than half its destruction. We suck .

  5. starview1

    Xinjiang Province China where the 1960s
    and 1970 detonations rained radioactive dust onthe local population, and caused genetic damage and sickness for generations to come, China poisoned its own people and the chinese gommunist gov refusses to take car of the 1000s of children that have been ruined. Also Kazakhstan was contaminated. In the area of China around 1.5 million people received radiation doses high enough to cause leukemia and fetal damage

  6. knightspy

    looks like newyork or philly ally

  7. ironqqq


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