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  1. Louis


  2. Bull8magn8

    Does it work ?

  3. eric t

    4 more incoming, total is 8

  4. JF DING


  5. T . T

    Impressive ship! Cant beleave how fast it was ready. Speed of China ship building is amazing!

  6. Han Chen


  7. Kino C

    The hull will drop lower once the ship is loaded with missiles, sailors, and supplies.

  8. 6packter

    If attacked and loss is eminent it should have the ability to kamikaze with self detonation if one atomic bomb thus finishing the enemies around it as well

  9. Arifin Chung


  10. xsoireg


  11. Xiaojun Chen


  12. Mike

    It's a beautiful ship. The first of many I understand. Well done China

  13. L DH


  14. SHEEPY 14842

    looks good when the paint is still fresh 🙂

  15. 高老头

    need more!!!

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