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  1. Usa and china both are great nation

    But haters are motherducker

  2. Shiva Hugo Angel

    Africa Asia Australia Arabia Saudia OPEC Russian te pactan a muerte AmericaMexico 200 year's de Guerra nuclear

  3. Shiva Hugo Angel

    Prision tortura sombis canibales hoyonegro americamexico esta escrito

  4. beryl thienhaus


  5. Srinath K

    Chinese speak in actual Actions,not in words.The rest of the world has to learn a Lot from China.


    That escalator reminds me of an episode of the sci-fi TV show Sliders👌👍

  7. Son of the Dragon

    China builds, USA bombs, while Hong Kong (the ones who have been brainwashed by the US) vandalises.

  8. Jerry Roo

    Workers in China are miracles

  9. Ali Khan

    China is the best.

  10. Stephen S


  11. Paopaowell Pao

    Chinese never sleep in innovation technology created new high-speed train

  12. Danny busti

    They are already a superpower on their own way they have continue rising!!!
    Global power leader in Asia I must say??? and in the world for the future

  13. Raja Hindustani


    ONLY BAS….



  14. zxcvbn

    Except that no non-Communist will ever use it. 94% of China are not Communists and that is a positive thing.

  15. Peter Cua

    China really improving all aspect of live.

  16. Ben Cheong

    Inside China got so much to build
    Still the CCP want to take Taiwan

  17. Entertainment Worldz


  18. John Dam

    Amazing. Is the escalator high speed too just the train?😁😅😂😃😄😆😀

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