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  1. JantanBetina

    A dog only shows its teeth and has its fur raise when it feels cornered and somewhat fearful.

  2. Sajid Ali

    Love from Pakistan.

  3. pakhtun khan


  4. Andy the Malevolent

    I haven't seen this many tanks in Tiananmen Square Since well y'all Know

  5. Lucas Santana

    Congratulations China. Love from Brazil!

  6. Old School

    Really nice parade an show. Congrats

  7. Candice chai

    we love u China !!

  8. William Xia


  9. lnt lee

    Go forward China 🇨🇳 our best neighbours

  10. lnt lee


  11. EBICHAN5

    Hahaha it's joking, chinese commies military is "paper tiger", never won in their history, The US is the strongest,
    Japan and Vietnam will bully you again, your high tech machine is only toys for chinese boys

  12. Koen Foo

    沒有國慶, 衹有國殤 🇹🇼🇭🇰

  13. Alok Sharma

    Dear Xi, we Indians have massive respect for china & yes u can continue to grow & march forward but minus Ur Bully attitude towards other nations especially Ur close neighbour India. Otherwise even u know wat happened in Doklam. Take care.

  14. Bart about to cry

    Duterte left the chat.

  15. Tangent Whisper

    This isn't even a sizable fraction of their military strength. 15,000 troops out of roughly 2,035,000. Such precision.

  16. Arnel Gallo

    go on the showmanship is over start the fire wit United states of America..!

  17. MARLON gonçalves


  18. N SA

    Is it made in china?

  19. Fuad Huda

    Do they look same

  20. Neo Faris

    Kaminoan to obi-wan: MAGNIFICENT AREN'T THEY

  21. Punisher x22

    Happy NATIONAL DAY TO China. Love and respect from your Iron brother Pakistan.

  22. Zala Prithvirajsinh

    China forcefully occupation hongkong it's elegal

  23. Peng Bao


  24. Samdanshley Salavarria

    No dogs where hurt on that parade

  25. Lankly Dude

    Red Fascism

  26. 夏天冰凉


  27. Nicholas Flores

    Oh noes
    Oh noes from philippines



  29. Aslak Mannetoast

    wait, won't all those tanks and military vehicles destroy the highway? :p

  30. Duane Newen

    👺Communists made to control it's people's⚒, if they spreading, its would be very bad disasters and effective for Asian living around the world. 🙏☮ no more Wars ☠💀….

  31. Matt 2.0

    This country has so much potential, and yet they are letting themselves be driven by fear, anger, pride, and ambition. It's so sad. We've seen where this ends. This can only end badly.

  32. Ayyy LMAO

    Remeber that PLA is owned and obey only to the party

  33. Mr. Hot Potato

    America is shaking now😳😳😬😬😱😱 hahaha😂😂 respect China from PH

  34. lukyhru

    I think china should impower their naval force… To counter any attack from water

  35. forcexjr

    Missile abbreviation:
    YJ – 鹰击 – Eagle strike
    HQ – 红旗 – Red Flag
    JL – 巨浪 – Mighty Wave
    DF – 东风 – Eastern Wind

  36. Hoffman's Landscaping

    70 years of tyranny.

  37. new new


  38. Mork Labadu

    Thats all composed of knock-off's

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