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  1. Guardian News

    Hong Kong protester shot with live round during China National Day rally ► https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/oct/01/hong-kong-protester-shot-with-live-round-during-china-national-day-rally

  2. Ben Gage

    China please go to war with Europe. The EU needs to go

  3. yuu mura

    I'm Japanese but I think the Hong Kong demo is too much.私は日本人だけど香港のデモはやり過ぎだと思う。
    The demonstration in Hong Kong is not democracy.They think that anything will pass if it goes wild.There is no security or order in Hong Kong.
    The Chinese government should have suppressed it with rubber bullets and tear gas as early as the French government.The mob and the demo are different. Of course.This is not allowed in Japan. No one supports it.
    This is because in Japan, order is prioritized over demos.

  4. Yerris

    Truth will prevail: /watch?v=hHtsYoO0Lt0

  5. Jian Chen

    No surprise the footage showing the wounded protester as victem. You would know that the protesters were throwing molotovs and using steel pipes to attack those policeman in the first place if they show the complete footage. I say the police did the right thing. You people won't dare to say a word if this is done by American cops.

  6. Fangbo Zheng

    'protestor', just open your eyes see the fking video

  7. Dr Spinz

    Free Hawaii

  8. Vow of Freedom

    HKers suddenly wake up and discover that there are so many problems in their government as well as in the police that they would never imagine before! The "One country Two systems" obviously is not working! May be everybody were so naïve to believe an autocratic leader would allow any freedom within the country. And now it reaches to the point of no return. HKers are not back down, and the majority of the Hong Kong people are urging for an independent inquiry and choose their own government by the Universal suffrage in elections for the city’s chief executive and legislature. Hong Kong will never be the same again! Go HKer!

  9. Mike V

    Fully justify.
    Absolutely support the law enforcement personnel in Hong Kong . 👍👍👍!
    This action should has been taken two months ago.

  10. Lar M

    The more China put on their National Day Celebration and more intense the violence they put on Hong Kong.

  11. Lar M

    China heroic moment in Hong Kong ! Where are all their missiles from their National Day Parade ?

  12. William Farr

    Why does LA, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Detroit, Ferguson, Chicago & other racially divided cities in America & thanks in no small part to the previous administration, ( Obama/Biden ) come to mind here?
    The lawlessness currently happening in Hong Kong is a world away from me & I will reserve judgement, however based on what I have seen here, they, the protesters have gotten off easy thus far…

  13. scott McCallum

    Jeez how many journalists are they going to shoot in the eye this year? Guess who looks like Winnie The Pooh????

  14. Lee Sugardaddy

    why shot him ? he is not even black

  15. Terry Advice

    He was about to Wack the Policeman !!

  16. Edith Zhou

    if he were in USA, he already dead for many times. Stuip!

  17. Teh Mu Jin

    Free Northern Ireland

  18. 建兴王


  19. Powa Wong

    WTF is HK??? All i know is 中国香港!you feel me? ABC in SF!

  20. Powa Wong

    hell yea HK is part of China

  21. ning an

    i think he deserve it if it is me i ll shot him directly in the head.

  22. Edison Cheng

    That punk was lucky he didn’t hit the elbow and altered the shot, bullet might have hit his heart. Shoot em all in the knee with rubber bullets. Let’s see how violent they get with a bruised knee. It’s be a riot in slow mo. LoL

  23. SvSkarl SVSkarlsrich

    All people from HK have the clear record: one police had already been knocked down on the ground. A dozen of people in black did not stop but tried to escalate the force to this police.
    Policemen have the right to protect himself and his colleague in this critical situation. Before the teen was shooted, he was smashing his tool to the policeman.
    1. Distrance of shooting is determined by the teen. The police stood still at same place.
    2.if the tool is longer, or sharp, the policeman may have no chance to fire before he could rescue himself and the one on the ground.

    Please check the fact.

    Not for those who have unexplainable prejudice.

  24. Tony Sang

    Where is the gasoline bomb landed directly on a police officer? Guardian you really knows how to crop a video lmao.

  25. Peter Johnson

    Just roll in the tanks and be done with it.

  26. HODL crypto

    In Canada, the police would have shot him multiple times. Follow police orders and there won't be problems.

  27. Hakim Farouk

    Police defending themselves are fine but why are they equipped with live ammunitions? Non lethal ammunition is more than adequate for "self defense".

  28. S Fortress

    Right about time! He deserves a shot in the head for assulting police!

  29. jerrylu12345

    he would have been dead on the ground in places like the US for assaulting police

  30. bigBA PAUL

    Support Scottish independence and support Irish independence

  31. Therick 96

    Curious, communists celebrating the anniversary by shooting at protesters

  32. Wei Kang Chen

    "A rioter swings his iron rod at police and police shoot him for self-defense" there I fixed your caption!

  33. Zo Han

    THe irony is that China is respectful of the one country two system agreement that this has degenerated further. If she has not, the PLA would have come in and handled the situation in a lot firmer way.

  34. Zo Han

    This has gone on long enough. HK government sucks! The police is doing all the damage control for their poor policies. Poor police taking the brunt.

  35. Tom King

    Brits used to massacre Hong Kongers.

  36. Summer T

    Disgusting media, i have to say, are they protesers?They are riots.

  37. Asian VEVO


  38. Shark Rock

    Go HongKong!

  39. L LD

    disgusting Guardian news, shame on you!

  40. me heretoday

    This is what happens when you try to stage a coup….

  41. Blob B

    Just after he was shot a petrol bomb was smashed right at the police feet they cut that bit off it's on Liveleak.

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