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  1. Izuku Midoriya

    What if they run out of air up there in the space station,

  2. EDKH

    Ok, so basically it's the same as the rest of the shit they make

  3. jay 1k

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  4. Mr King Dice

    Made in China.

  5. Buddy Clem

    Why does it look exactly like a Soyuz?

  6. Bill Cosby

    lol I am sure it's all proprietary, right? Haha looks like what I would expect from China

  7. Kevin Maher

    My impression is Shenzhou is a reverse-engineered SpaceX Dragon capsule.

  8. Zhoom

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    just like

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  10. shadowtriber666

    So China rather spend money on space bullshit instead of spending on research for the Corona virus?

  11. Hohn Dad

    Hi from tx

  12. Madara Uchiwa


  13. Forever Lutteo

    Hi world from turkey❤🇹🇷❤

  14. Craig-king


  15. SlingLasher175 9


  16. hi Hi


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