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  1. William King

    Once the genie is out of the bottle
    Or once you open the Pandora's box

  2. Hardik Rawat

    He's so bad with the sarcasm part of it

  3. Bradley Weiss

    Their heading for trouble beyond the shadow of a doubt.

  4. Pedro Lagarde y Morales

    In my understanding according to your presentation, this SHADOW BANKING is the Financial Trading System or it is how the Trading works out – I call it ELITE GAMBLING!

  5. rick couture

    watch: Harvested Alive, and trust the CCP

  6. Peter Ciurea

    it's not a 9T problem, it's a 45T problem.

  7. Tien Nghe

    We're love you too Matt.

  8. rick james

    Cris is shadow banking China. Lol

  9. rick james

    Stop all trade with China

  10. Johm Smitch

    New man?

  11. GeetoDa B

    In the next 30 years, China economy will collapse. China's aging population, low birth rate and gender imbalance will sent its economy to nose dive. China will not recover from this.

  12. GeetoDa B

    alot of china international student and ESL teachers are commenting on sensitive channels. lmao After emperor Xi die, China will be liberated.

  13. 德州庭长

    光大就是传统银行 , 不是影子银行

  14. y A

    that ads lol

  15. mash101a

    this sounds a lot like our CDO with mortgage… that worked out well for us… 🥺

  16. Phyrak Khun

    A lot of people don't believe it. I believe that when China economy finally collapsed,Cambodia will also follow. China has a lot of factory in Cambodia and a lot of black money flowing around in Cambodia.People are getting rich over night here over land. China is buying land like there is no tomorrow. When China does collapsed and the EBA is finally take affect,Cambodia economy will also take a head dive. There are a lot China investors here investing in land and cleaning black money by using Cambodia market.

  17. Diwa Feck

    Good! The whole world should be stop businesses with China, because they are controlling the whole world now! Big bullying to their neighbors country, stealing all over the world!!fuck the China,,,

  18. Rusty Boy Fernandez

    is this the same as credit default swaps?

  19. tay sezginer

    It's plain to see the free world has to destroy the Chinese CCP! Once and for all! Here is wisdom, never buy anything, or sell any thing to a Chinaman! Period!

  20. Rich Cook

    This guy sucks

  21. Ernest Imken

    The US was complisite in PRC shadow banking during the Obama years, but today the Trump Admin. has put the squeeze on China's crooked economy.

  22. Anti War

    More White discussions about Asians. Straight away you know it's propaganda.

  23. darkchronos

    2:37 tripy spots in the little blue squares

  24. Naoki Tenomi

    The CPP government has a genius financial model. They have evaluated the risks of shadow banking and hedged against the risk of financial collapse due to bad debts by choosing foreign countries' government projects involving key ports and important infrastructures as the recipients of their 'loans' and then making sure they get 'investments' into their economy by dictating that loan terms require the foreign governments to choose construction contractors from a list of China's state-owned companies AND requiring them to hire Chinese workers. On top of that, they minimize the risk from default on debts by ensuring loan terms provide for control over the funded project will pass to China (along with the area around it, when necessary) if the foreign government is unable to pay its debt. It's a genius business model because China always makes sure it has funds to lend by submitting the lowest bids in open bidding projects around the world, and encouraging free market enterprise so multinationals are encouraged to conduct their operations in China to take advantage of economies of scale and cheap labor, while at the same time it diminishes the foreign governments' revenues by making sure they earn less taxes since the projects funded by China require Chinese contractors who source materials from China and require Chinese workers, who may not be paying income taxes in the countries they work in, especially if they got in illegally (as is the case in the Philippines, where the finance secretary estimated tax revenue loss of Php 3 billion/month in the 1st quarter of 2019).

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