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  1. Suriabumichandran Naidu

    Well done,
    Its beautiful. ❤️
    Keep it up!!!

  2. Cash Cash

    Good job CHINA, very beautiful city!!! GO GO GO CHINA.

  3. Iskandar Ibrahim

    New China TV _ great stories guys _congratulations ;

  4. 加麻大


  5. J. Lee

    The western media will never show this…

  6. X Z

    The reporter can't pronounce "v" properly.

  7. dong wang

    I graduated from dating oil university in2014.time flies

  8. Yeoh Kok Leong

    Kudos to Daqing.

  9. Mark Khaw

    Wow! Great job China.

  10. Li Y

    The girl is cute

  11. ontheedge33371

    Good Job 🙂
    Go green revival ☘️

  12. Yen Tao

    China’s petroleum industry is dominated by two state owned duopolies. China has huge reserves of shale oil and gas, if they are open up, China can turn from biggest importer to self sufficient or near overnight.
    Perhaps, from environmental point, a free for all is not such a good idea after all.

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