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  1. China Uncensored

    Check out our interview with Cap. Jim Fanell on the China Unscripted podcast!

  2. Miztiki

    And yet another big name interview. Good job as always guys.

  3. Qiang Gao

    They have a foreign military base, that's the threaten to the world ( just ignore the US has more than 500 bases outside)

  4. Qiang Gao

    Our navy doesn't act like Chinese, we don't occupy ….

  5. baterie srl

    all the chine is doing is pay by the EU & USA since they are the ones that buy there things 😉

  6. ThePoopyboy11

    And Israel is their #1 ally in so much of this. But duh I thought Israel was America's bestie…

  7. baterie srl

    eliminate the population & take the land
    so easy

  8. JayRae Zou

    mafia?? just a joke? Conquer?what???ocean?who tell you ?you tell yourself?always say CHINA!CHINA!CHINA!신경병???sorry , i can't understand your thought……yeah you are "the god".yeah "god" you come to China?no?

  9. william nicholson

    Theor only problem is that their equipment is made in china.

  10. boomerhgt

    China man they have a finger in every pie they steal from everyone

  11. XiThePooh

    despite being chinese living in england I totally agree with the comments here, most chinese are crafty they get bullied or even tortured in china so leave china to a western country like england or usa, claim every benefit under the sun, have children and work despite also claiming benefits.
    Once they made their money through employment and benefits and having children who have a right to live in the country they suddenly fall back in love with china and take all that money to build houses etc in china while also having the trump card of leaving if it goes sour(which they would be well aware of)

  12. vic c

    very funny inti-china. don't worry about the chinese if their system not working let them Rotten in their grave. But if their system is working so great and they (china) so prosprous and powerful don't jealous.

  13. vic c

    China dragon vs American eagle. In the Long Term The Dragon will Win the War ( Conventional war). NUKE war All will Die Dragon and Eagle.

  14. Sean Johnson

    They should probably learn how to swim first.

  15. vic c

    Empire Strike Back. No way that the west going to control and break up china again. in 10 Years china will have 400 war ships and 120 submarines and ten thousans carriers killer missiles that can reach 3000 miles from china mainland. Only NUKE can stop china But china have Thousand of NUKE Deterence also. in 30 more years 600 war ships and 200 submarines and many other…

  16. Washington Hoax

    Lot a Ocean – its only the Sea Lanes that need to be controlled. New Paths on the Oceans will be the challenge.

  17. TKnightcrawler

    I like this guy.

  18. bisbeejim

    Still sounds like the CCP and the Chinese people are neither on the same wavelength or in touch with the other.

  19. Hùng, Henry Trương

    Peace through strength. Small countries should prepare for war with China

  20. Josiffrank

    There is a way to stop Chinas rise and expansion is simple actually. First, the US start closing down all those overseas bases cut down their military or defence spending by 300-400 billion a year and then demand China and the rest of the world does the same. You know give peace a chance.

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