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  1. Puppet Complexion

    Zert from WYOMING

    Bed bug fan
    Mick Mack Indian tribune


    Towards the cold snap

  2. Sprey Geymeeeng

    Now i know the reason why they want to conquer philippines, because their own country is already a trash ew

  3. Lord Azreal Lais

    Son: “Can we go home please”
    Mom: “No I want to take a pew pictures of you dying cough cough….. playing in the funny looking water”
    Son: “My legs are falling off”
    Mom: Leaves son in the water to fend for himself

  4. Lord Azreal Lais

    Quick call the hazmat army

  5. Milva Mart

    I think if we worked together we could solve pollution problem!!!

  6. 兰桂姬

    Hey the host face looked a unhealthy yellow which signs he might got a bad temper and hepatitis with liver disease … suggest u to see a Chinese doctor ..btw now go to china and see if the pollution is so exaggerate and how about the past westernized industrialization which caused much much more pullulions than china!

  7. shubham kamble

    First stop producing duplicate products…

  8. M D

    Good maybe they’re wiped out with all that cat, dog and human baby eating

  9. luisroy chavarria

    Fuck china

  10. Zhuoran Li


  11. Albert Toksavul

    I think China Doing great on controlling Pollution , do you make Video About what USA Polluting World ? I bet you wont dare to do that , you just Fixed on China doing day after day " Fake News " diverting attention from " MAin Culprit "

  12. Joe

    Read a book once; "Collapse" by Jared Diamond and, have concluded, China must expand and pollute the rest of the world?  China must not start a war!

  13. Chris Lee

    Yet there are still scumbags like serpentza and laowhy86 who counts Chinese money, drinking Chinese water and even fucking Chinese wives but keep saying shit about China, who can't even get a decent job in their home country, LMFAO. If you don't like it, why not just fuck off and beg for food as it will shut your fucking mouths? For anyone else here slandering China, life must treat you bad, you got the time for this, why don't you put'em in your work and get better life as it will shut your filthy mouths, too? My condolences to your loss in real life.

  14. 亢国辉


  15. Luis M

    Chinese people have no respect for the planet why you think there's like 12 pandas in the world if they care so much about the environment they would kick out the Communist Regime

  16. Lynnea Elsasser

    I think a big part is that we as the rest of the world need to stop supporting China. You might not think you are but look at how many items you own that are made in China. Get them where it hurts and shop more ethically. Also, just consuming less will probably effect China.

  17. Robert Barlow

    Doesn't most of our manufacturing go there to be made more cheaply? Our factories close down, get demolished, be replaced by greenfield estates and the source of everything we consume is taken for granted and forgotten about. We then scapegoat china.

  18. MexIntel

    Send the Trash to Sweeden to be Burned.

  19. Hunter S Thompson

    Hmm, hmmmmmm, hmm. yeah, nah yeah. I fuckin knew it m8

  20. Stuart Fox

    The Chinese people will remove the Comunist totalitarian state and revert to a Republican form of government by 2022.

  21. Botian Liu

    You guys are probably walking naked if China wasn’t polluted. Everything is made in China so stfu

  22. Ingmar Honawar

    What if China rehabilitated its natural resources ?

  23. Jarod Farrant

    Has the pollution problem in China gotten better or worse?

  24. MrRasZe

    Donald Trump can bring all the manufacturing jobs back to america, where pollution standards are higher, thus making the planet greener

  25. Enrique III Deregla

    China will.destroy the world soon

  26. Maple Syrup

    Well and then there is this:
    India: I have water from The himelayas…
    China: You son of a bitch

  27. hard most

    God will destroy those who destroy the mother earth.. Revelation 11:18

  28. Pwet Ko

    Don't worry Chinese are smart

  29. John Yon

    visited china in 2011 …. never wanna go there anymore after I saw the air pollution there. it is destroying the air quality of the world. why can't they give some damn about the environment??

  30. Daron Oshay Martinez

    So that's why China wants to invade every islands in west Philippines sea and legitly there trying to get every Philippines has

  31. 向迪

    I hope you will visit China. Instead of watching BBC ABC fake news on TV, Seeing is believing and False hearing

  32. Andy Bernard

    No matter how bad these other countries are doing to reduce pollution it's always the US that has to change.

  33. Khalid Mehmoood

    Americans propaganda, love and support to China from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  34. Roger Diogo

    Wait the USA is not number 1, what a fucken dissapointment…

  35. Duggy Dugg

    go to Chinatown..the streets are filthy with the scuzz they throw in the streets

  36. Zafar Sharif Choudhury

    Oh god yellow and ganges river are getting polluted end of china and indian civilization god knows

  37. Wroger Wroger

    Hmmm your analogy that "China's Pollution is killing China and all the PEOPLE in it…" What you failed to see is that all the food they export is polluted. All the shit that blows up into the sky – that spreads around the world, landing in the ocean and on the land, and the air, land and oceans are becoming more and more polluted – from their contribution. And likewise what flows down the rivers and into the sea – that poisons the oceans too….. Some fish on your dish…. well the oceans circulate this crap and it ends up in everything. Same with fucking India…. etc. We are ALL making the problem and we ALL must work together to create and apply the solutions. For the human race – all of us. There is no where else to go. Profit at any cost can no longer apply.

  38. Fifa TV FTV

    it's China, they can make their own water.

  39. jherome ramos

    they deserve it

  40. Matthew Corbe

    I wish China never existed in history

  41. Soo COOL

    just bycott all china product.

  42. Enrique Avila

    Wow. I heard how environmental policy was eroding in America (especially now withTrump's Admin in charge); and I thought that was bad enough… China's environmental situation looks pitiful. You learn something new every day.

  43. Wally Cracker

    China is a virus on the world and we need a world war to kill 2 billion people to help mother earth rid itself of this parasite.

  44. Nathan Blades

    China was played cause they let them do all the manufacturing so thier environment takes the hit

  45. Nathan Blades

    They are chemtrailing world wide and then the soulition is carbon tax

  46. Maxumized

    US is indirectly fueling the pollution in China as the US consumes their products like no other…that’s how things go

  47. E. Male

    Ah, just the same as in the USA back then: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/nashua-river-transformed_b_5552680

  48. wizard chriot

    I can see why Chinese have bought water resource in Hokkaido Iland .

    China doesn't look rich at all.

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