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  1. laowhy86

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  2. Lynn Sun

    Real interesting how you tiered Manchuria/Northeast areas (Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, and part of Inno Mongolia) so high and Henan so low while the people from both have the same bad reputation in China, with Henan actually having better economy recent years. But I myself am happy to hear that cuz I am from Liaoning lol. Your standards are quite different from Chinese travelers. I am gonna follow your suggestion and go to Ningxia, Guizhou, Yunnan next year. Thank you! BTW you mixed uo with Shaanxi and Shanxi.

  3. John Qiang

    I was born in Henan

  4. Rick Chung

    Tis asshole really got devil look,,son of antichris,alice bailey

  5. P Sch

    Tianjin is a good get away when you live in Beijing ( stay downtown) its indeed boring but a rest area and nice to just do nothing 😛

  6. Shawn John225

    I completely disagree with your ratings. It’s just not correct ..

  7. zeppelin1001

    I haven't been on your chan but I've been on a binge lately. Good stuff!!

  8. Fair_exchange

    Shaanxi is the one with capital Xi'an. You mixed it up.

  9. Ziran_May

    11:42 “Didn’t seem like there was anything to hide.”

    Maybe they did that good a job of hiding it

  10. Cool Cat

    I worked in Henan for several years …The shoulin temple is there (home of king fu). The yellow river is there. Buddah grottos …the people are a little crazy and fun…an F rating? That was kind of mean…haha

  11. Buzz Moor

    I love Ningxia the Muslim province,the people are super friend,y like nowhere else in china

  12. Michael S.

    Saw the Hooters girls and I would definitely say Shanghai was properly rated 😂😉 I really liked the scenery in the natural looking places despite some having lower rating. Tibet looks suuuuper nice.

  13. DeathLightning44

    Is it a coincidence that as soon as he says the word Chinese, the flag of Morocco disappears?

  14. DeathLightning44

    So it's unfair to include the two SARs but perfectly acceptable to use the 4 municipalities and 5 autonomous regions.

  15. KyaSceneHai Abhi

    Hey Cmilk nice work , but just small correction it is Shaanxi (with two As) that has Xian in it with all the roujiamo paomo huashan terracotta warriors and all that good stuff . Shanxi (with one A) on the other hand is the place famous for coal.

  16. S Y

    Shaanxi and Shanxi have different tones in Mandarin pronunciations, and the "a" sounds lower and longer in Shaanxi than in Shanxi and that's why Shaanxi has 2 a-s in English. Xi'an is in Shaanxi rather than Shanxi. As for Shanxi, yes it is mountainous and relatively poor, but cities like Datong and Taiyuan are also full of historical attractions. In addition, there is a smaller town called Pingyao in Shanxi. It is the best preserved Chinese town from the ancient time and you can see architectures and city plans of ancient China out of textbooks. It is definitely not an "awful" place to go. And as for the spicy food stereotype, Sichuan is not "spiciest" province in China. Candidates of such a province would be between Chongqing, Guizhou and Hunan. Compared to food in those three provinces, Sichuan food is not so spicy.

  17. orchid2862

    How long have you lived in China to have traveled to so many places? That's pretty amazing!

  18. max xu

    Love the show. Please keep up the good works. However, HeBei province is missing. It surrounds Beijing and Tianjing.

  19. A YasuoMid

    Nah fucking bullshi

  20. 戴梦瑶

    As a Henan person, I feel very sad. You can't evaluate Henan like this. Have you ever been to all cities in Henan?

  21. Anthony M

    yeah… you did a pretty bad job with this list.

  22. Finn Mok

    wife is so ugly, when she sees a mouse the mouse jumps on the chair.

  23. Brad Luscher

    @laowhy86 did you know chinese prior to moving there?

  24. Yi Zheng

    I grew up in Hohhot and Baotou, it is a cool place in summer, but not in winter.

  25. 白色的彼岸在呼唤

    Welcome to Zhejiang Province,one of the richest provinces in China.

  26. Guns & Roses

    you don't know China , you very sterotype

  27. Guns & Roses


  28. zhiqiang yang

    Less Taiwan please note the change thank you

  29. Xiaochen Jia

    Bro, Hebei is not rated in which it has7.5 million people, Hebei is so geograpically diversed from north to south, you gotta go visit, it is like a 宾夕法尼亚和弗吉尼亚 put together in America. Hebei is a very important province in China

  30. E A

    Milk or anyone.

    Please explain which countries has lower hotel prices when using a VPN? What country should i set to get lower prices?

  31. Alyona Feng

    I'm a Russian living in Inner Mongolia, and I agree, the nature here is spectacular _^

  32. enrui liao

    fuck off

  33. enrui liao

    WTF ! he said TW HK MC different countries !!!!!

  34. Blue_geographic _gamer

    Yeah foreigners can't handle Bengali food from West Bengal (India) to Sylhet we have spicy food

  35. eira windy

    I am glad that you have a nice experience in Inner Mongolia, cause I come from there. The people from Inner Mongolia is a little bit different from other province. They are more friendly and sincerity, as well as their drinking ability!

  36. Jiaju Wu


  37. TigerGrowl

    You make me awful for just ranking the provinces very subjectively, the video sucks.

  38. HiiDanii

    I currently live in Gansu in Lanzhou working as a teacher at a university. Haha. It was interesting seeing it placed in E tier. But I kind’ve think I get it. Nice place once you adjust but so much pollution. Dry air. Interesting food. But very nice and welcoming people for the most part. The city is expanding more than I think people outside of Gansu realize.

  39. 邱少星


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