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  1. Silvia Reinert

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  2. Flat Chest-Justice

    Im going to travel back in time..find a dinosaur egg..bring it back to the future,
    sit on it till it hatches, raise it, love it, and then watch it mangle
    your lifeless and helpless carcass..while i touch myself inappropriately

    please delete yourself, thanks

    PS: follow Kevin Svenson (he was always right with his prediction)

  3. Master Lances

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  4. francois DUPOUX

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  5. Anmar S.

    I believe that is a dead cat bounce.

  6. Coenraad Botha

    I am NOT impressed with your swearing. No matter how good you are, if you cannot respect your audience, I will not subscribe and/or ever come back here

  7. WestCoast Gamer

    u smoking crack bro . you talk WAY to FAST

  8. Mr C

    Krown, I don't know why you always talk about the shitcoins long term charts. If you play these pump and dumps and didn't take your profits during in the pump, you'd have to be insane…

  9. Mr C

    Wow the Jewel seems pretty subjective. Why don't you put a big red X on that shit 😉

  10. Big Bumb

    Top bloke

  11. Tim Mogensen

    There is like 4 days left of October, and I'd honestly be SHOCKED if BTC reaches 16k, like a guy predicted earlier this year. Bitcoin moving 30%+ in a day is truly incredible, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it yesterday. I'm glad I bought in a few weeks ago, considering to diverify in a few alts' since I believe they will move along soon as well. My eyes are on ETH and ADA as safe bets, and BLOCK as a wildcard, that could potentially 100x due to it's scarce supply, and the fact that DEX's will be used more and more moving forward.

    Great video video Krown, long time lurker here, enjoy and absolutely love your content!

  12. Mario Casanova

    Thanks for the effort to post a video update even though you're exhausted… Great hearing Elsa's voice and laughter again.

  13. Jack Mack

    How many times you said; FU.KING,I really disgusted your vieo,Last time watched you.BYE……….

  14. The Unknown Recycler

    The CME Bitcoin future market made it that much more complicated/tricky and you praise hoot and hollar for more futures…f@ck you!

  15. Z Rex

    I got out of my car today listening to your stream on my phone and it just happened to be at the spot where you mention how impressive of a dildo it was. Let's just say I got a pretty funny look from someone in the parking lot. 😄

  16. LapSiLap

    Why do u say fucking all the time?

  17. Dave S

    This move was hard to catch for the pros and obvious for the noobs

  18. destinationhome1

    great content as always. i know from experience, being apart from a loved one sucks.

  19. JJames 88

    Great video as always. Best part was 8:02. Thank you and welcome back to Finland! 😄

  20. jack Daniels

    you talk fast

  21. haplon

    Yayayay for Elsa ;D Also I'm loling at the idea of seeing Krown on a plane just staring at the seat like Puddy from seinfeld.

  22. Paul Taylor

    That's what's up. I drew a falling wedge about a week ago. My TA is getting better.

  23. Andrew ES&D

    Thanks for the update. You are the man. It’s nice to hear your view on the market after a huge move like this.

  24. zappatx

    That laugh in the background when you said "Cock in the ring" OMG – that was epic..

  25. Nerenahd Dhaneren

    Oh, Krown, you´re such a romantic… @;-)

  26. Philip Caddick

    That's right Krown, any news????

  27. JP Keeley

    I liked

  28. CryptoDice

    Fuck fuck fuck. You're totally fucking annoying bro.

  29. TheCatoLee

    Wtf Eric? Btc was saved by me! I put on a short 10 min before the (imo) “crash”

  30. VaryingViewpoint

    Great video!

  31. Edoardo Lorenzo

    Trading with Mr Chris Terry has been the most amazing trading experience i have ever had, i have made over 8btc over the months..

  32. Bartek Celary

    Thanks mate! Appreciate your effort to get this vid out! Have a nice and lovely stay in Finland with Elsa!

  33. Blaster Jones

    just admit it … nobody really knows what the fek is going on. ? If we asked you Yesterday if you thought BTC could go to $10400 tommorow you would have told me i was nuts, Beauty of Bitcoin is…. Nobody can ever truely predict it's price, it does whatever the fuk it wants

  34. Crypto Rage

    Thanks man. Can't wait for the app.

  35. brianv0nlind

    hey Krown whats your instagram?

  36. Jon M

    Throws cock in ring

  37. E3

    I think that's one big thing to learn is that if you end up with a profit on a trade, you don't have to sell the top, in fact, you could miss a big chunk of the move. In the end, you made a profit, be happy, then move on to setting up the next trade idea. The same applies if you lose on a trade, learn from it, forget about it, then move on to the next trade. Your edge with TA should win out in the end, and you'll get better with each trade.

  38. ZenYmonk


  39. dICErolls

    can i place a short on you speaking slower.. ffs give me headache

  40. Bm X

    you were very clear, as always.. i was wrong 2 times switched two times at 7900… i flipped two times and made profit in both situation

  41. Crypto Trucker-0

    Elsa should have a youtube channel…

  42. JeremyB

    First time in my life I damn near spit out my coffee. Almost lost it all over the keyboard when you said that when you take a plane ride, you literally just sit there like a lemming… I do the same thing!

  43. Mice Elf

    Yo!!! Welcome back Elsa!

  44. PINCH

    She's back!! set a personal record hitting the like button just after the intro. Enjoy your time with Elsa.

  45. michael chaney

    take pics of the pissing statue lol

  46. Bitcoin Beats

    Elsa is baaaackkk!!! 🙂

  47. E N

    Always a great to watch and hear your 2 hours of great and useful info! WHAT? 30 MINUTES you say? NO man with the speed you speak and the amount of information it is 2 hours!!!! Thank you man and have a great time in Finland!

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