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  1. BBC News

    READ MORE: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-50511063

  2. fredo1070

    Obama said he wished he was like the Communist Chinese.

  3. Nas Zafar


  4. Apple


  5. Manchester Dr. Mike

    How could China treat political correction religion like this? Try to learn our humane way pls.

  6. Nidhin Raj

    Fighting Islamic radicalism with commie radicalism 🤣

  7. Eastern Discovery Channel

    Albert Einstein was right about the Chinese..

  8. Elaine Yinan Wu

    BBC never reported the terrorism activities happened in Xinjiang. What a biased opinion! BBC influenced brits and messed up UK with Brexit. You are losing your reputation. Shame!

  9. Hsis Hdj

    Is it a violation of human rights to teach the national language & laws to their own citizens?

  10. Hsis Hdj

    Teaching the national language to their own citizens is brainwashing?

  11. Hagag Hamed

    China : this entire region is disloyal to the central king and asking about their rights too much so we should push them off their lands put them in camps and send our main landers to take over… this isn't colonialism at all

  12. Erik Sarmiento

    but but I thought BBC stands for British Brainwashing Corporation?

    The BBC has even managed to make it legal to threaten you w jail if you dont pay their fee… and after they coerce you into giving them money they brainwash you, lol…

    Isnt the fact that millions pay an unlawful (legal) fee every year for the BBC enough proof of brainwashing?

    And then the BBC have the irony to post about Chinese brainwashing Muslims???… LMAO….

    <Look over there, NOT here> nice one BBC.

  13. Hsis Hdj

    Secrets? BBC had already toured and shown these camps !
    Inmates look healthy & eating huge meals. Officials and workers are Uighur. These Ex-inmates look healthy too, far from those concentration camps in Nazi Germany.

  14. yi lvlv

    BBC is the biggest brainwash camp.fool people by making fake news.

  15. Md Arhaan

    Sad.. Sad.. Sad

  16. Bruce Lv

    Stupid fake news, well done BBC!

  17. 6 204

    Britain is very concerned about Xinjiang Can send Muslims in Xinjiang to democratic Britain

  18. 王明权

    BBC= gossip China, I really suggest you consider more about Scotland, Great British will be divided into 4 pieces.

  19. Mary Therese McCool

    The same thing was and continues to happen to Tibetans as well. Catholics are next up.

  20. mrearlygold

    why has so much business been essentially given to the Chinese? cheap prices? For sub standard products and to prop up this type of activity which in my opinion is not only shameful but should be punished by isolating this government like the disease it is. Send business to them?

  21. ja kk

    BBC is the best propaganda, I love BBC!

  22. Master Wong

    This is brain wash video by BBC….

  23. Spazzy BOI

    Justin Trudeau said that he admires the Chinese dictatorship

  24. Kathryn Carter

    Easy to believe

  25. zhuobing peng

    welcome to BBC brainwashing camp???

  26. Zhuang Wen Sun

    Thanks to your brothers and sisters that strike western country with 911, mass shooting and suicide bombing, is by far the most beautiful scenery ever.

  27. Zhuang Wen Sun

    Unlike your brothers and sisters in middle east killed by the western and european, you should be thankful enjoying your tea while being interviewed.

  28. Anti Fn

    Brainwashing camp? Sounds like the liberal Democrat Party in USA. Not long before liberals start burning flags and books. Too late.

  29. Jia

    BBC is a well known fake news channel . it speaks on behalf of UK gov and totalitarianism groups like Soros group
    BBC also fake white helmets , making them heroes while they actually are terrorists

  30. Jia

    over 50 Muslim countries agreed with chinese gov , that the way Chinese gov delt with the terrorism is good for locals , and help to prevent further terrorism .
    To open training course , which help people who influenced by terrorism learn skills , so that they can find a position in society again
    for those terrorists who killed people , prisons or death penalty , no doubt

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