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  1. Mark Moss


  2. Dave c

    Silver will create more wealth than gold.Own both.

  3. Johnny K

    Only cobwebs in Fort Knox but the US has ways to 'obtain' Gold: https://www.globalresearch.ca/ukraines-gold-reserves-secretely-flown-out-and-confiscated-by-the-new-york-federal-reserve/5373446

  4. POP Defender

    If 10.000 tonnes of hidden gold suddenly appeared out of nowhere, why would that make the price skyrocket? The supply has just massively increased without any growth in demand. Sounds like the price should crash to me.

  5. itsonlyafl3shwound

    Any digital currency is dangerous for freedom! You cannot object when they can just take or freeze your money. Cash allows movement freedom without monitoring.

  6. Aaron McKinley

    Jim Rickards ,,,,, The road to ruin!!!!

  7. jesus fuenmayor

    What country report honestly? Why gold the dollard is been used as a weapon of war. so why we expect others to support it.

  8. Smaul gld


  9. floydjared3

    This is why I'm stacking PAXG! Celsius to allow earning interest in PAXG soon!

  10. Just Add Silver

    20 tons of gold? Coming from China they’re credibility’s is zilch. Good content! Slapping that like!

  11. Ezy Tyres

    If what you say is true, America's economy would collapse under all the unwanted dollars flooding back from around the world, it works out every man woman and child would have to divide 1 million dollars each into what ever savings the have, in other words if you have $1000 dollars in your account it would only be worth $1, hyper inflation like Venezuela.
    Riots and unrest in the big cities, Police and other emergency services not being paid for months, $5000 for a coffee!
    China would become the most powerful economy in the world.
    What I don't understand is the Federal Reserve are playing into China hands. Or maybe they can't see the wood for the trees.

  12. Agrigator

    This has about a 1% chance of happening. Their crypto Yuan is not going to be gold backed. The gold will be for both a seat at the SDR table as well as payment for internationally traded commodities.

  13. j Money

    I think your videos are great mark. Great content trumps flash every time.

  14. G O L D M E T A L

    You knew nothing🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿


    buy silver , gold is too expensive now

  16. 911zhenxiang

    B I T C O I N F O R E V E R

  17. Dale Val

    How to move?? , buy gold and silver get out of the corrupt, wallstreet ponzi stock market, if you don't believe me fine, your going to learn an old strategy lesson the hard way, and world debt is way more than we're told, and US has way less gold than we're told, and china way more

  18. TheLionManOnline

    Nothing is backed by gold any more so what does it matter even if they own 90% of the gold all they can do with it is demand a ridiculous price for it for electronics and jewellery which people will either pay or use alternatives. The mass population doesn't care for a gold backed currency they are happy trusting their governments.

  19. James Turner

    Hi Mark. Your title says how to be positioned and you say in the intro you will show how to move to take advantage. I felt like it was only in the last few seconds of the video you mentioned anything about those 2 points. You said buy gold and bitcoin for your portfolio. Is that it? I was expecting a little more insight on maybe percentages or prices or targets or methods or something else than just a recommendation to buy and hold. Thanks

  20. Susan Kelly

    Mark I love your channel and I've been saying what you presented for over a year now!!! China is smart and sneaky but they think we are too lol

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