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  1. ConanTheContrarian1

    Hate to be the one to contradict one so learned, but let's acknowledge that China:
    1) steals our technology by forced technology transfer, then replaces our companies with its own;
    2) creates military islands in the South China Sea that border other countries and positions them for control of shipping;
    3) hamstrings imports from the US by bureaucratic regulation and tariffs, and
    4) publicly threatens military action against the US and allies, notably Taiwan.
    Stockman is so wrapped up in an economics-only world view that he can't see the nose on his face in areas of business and military. He should get out of his bubble.

  2. Kay Bass

    Lets all LAUGH because China's end of the Titanic is sinking FIRST.

  3. saiful hasan

    killFED👹🔫 FEDkillYU💵🔫💷🔫💰 STOP🛑ZIONIST👹☠️👽☠️😈MAFIA(2%)😠☠️👺 from LOOTING 💯s of BILLIONS 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙏 or NO TOMORROW 🔥🔥🔥

  4. saiful hasan

    killFED👹🔫 FEDkillYU💵🔫💷🔫💰🔫 STOP🛑ZIONIST👹☠️👽☠️😈MAFIA(2%)😠☠️👺 from LOOTING 💯s of BILLIONS 🙏 or NO TOMORROW 🔥🔥🔥

  5. Lying Eyes

    Thankfully these guys only have the pull of a 14 year old teenager in his bedroom.

  6. Jerry Mathurin

    Economic totalitarian state in Beijing? You feel bad for Hong Kong? China went from crushed and devastated in WW2 to an economic powerhouse who almost all the world wants to deal with. Sure there’s plenty of downsides to dealing with the government there but how is that any different than the US or any other western country? As knowledgeable as you guys are you’re still living in a bubble. I’ve been deployed to the SCS(South China Seas) and have been involved with it for awhile. And the reason why everyone wants to be there is resources. Same reason why China is building its belt and road initiative to strengthen its trade ties and its economy. I absolutely appreciate Mr. Stockman Mr. McAdams and Dr. Paul but I think you guys are really biased and closed only to your own way of doing things

  7. David B-

    Ron Paul looks good as ever.

  8. Go MGTOW

    China is a country that is run off DEBT, more debt than anything that America is running off of. It really is a whole Ponzi scheme of debt in China, not much more than that. The Chinese government is trying to slowly take itself off of depending upon foreign exports to other countries and rely upon internal consumer demand, but every time they try that they find that the Chinese consumers are broke-ass poor and cannot even afford their own stuff without the income they get from exports. Now that exports are drying up the entire country's financial system is beginning to implode (China has just had to bail out their 3rd major bank in the past 3 months, something it has never done before.)

  9. Guy De Simon

    Russia is way ahead of the US with its missile technology: NASA needs russian rockets to launch its space missions. And Russia has been forced to bed with China as it has been cut off from its western heritage. The big ? is why does Russia allow the US to continue what it is doing when Russia can stop it ?

  10. alex jervis

    US Smarts are already below International 100 av, I. Q.
    Current Laws/Policies, ain't going to move it up!
    The new Welfare seekers, who do not have what it takes to be make a successful Nation of their own, will
    always vote for MORE. They will never become AMERICANS!
    States are turning Blue and will never turn back.
    The Central White Western European Core that made AMERICA, will be crushed as the US becomes another
    Puerto Rico! Who is doing this to you and why?
    The av. I.Q. levels of the Congo are the lowest in the world.
    How do these Uneconomic Migrants Benefit the TAX paying, indigenous population of the USA?

  11. Flying Lap Productions

    China collapse! #lmfao dr. Paul and this fucking moron you have as your guest; please shut the fuck up you idiots

  12. Abel Wolfgang

    Avoid all Jew businesses. As much as possible. Keep your money. If you know it's a Jew owned business don't patronize them.

  13. Brett Halvorson

    Epstein murder! This is a pedophile ,deep state assissination. The law enforcement ,judiciary political elites , main stream fake media are all so dirty time to bring the system down let it burn , The corrupt dirty FBI is now searching the island and they will say Nothing here folks. What a blatant joke. The world is looking on and laughing at the owned corrupt dying Americana banana republic empire

  14. John Gun

    Never mentioned 21 trillion missing. Also the 1997 movement and 59 billion missing from HUD Per Catherine Austin Fitts deputy Secretary of H.U.D.

  15. king james

    China is our enemy.US should make its own goods.

  16. ReubenRevolution

    800 billion a year is not bad grow up

  17. mark vietti

    Ron Paul has great ideas.. but he goes on RT news. a new channel that is clearly anti American
    a channel the bans people who comments on anything they dont want you to say.. you will still see your comments but nobody else will.. its full of Russian troll comments too.. its a joke news channel .. Ron is on all the time..a Russian propaganda news channel…….. for that I don’t support him.

  18. Emil Phoryew

    Borat Sagdiyev vs. AOC.

  19. Kaptain Lightcoin

    We all know a second Great Depression will come. It is written. History will repeat itself. Soon thereafter, global war (very likely nuclear) will happen. It is out of our hands to stop it. Just try to be somewhere else during nuclear detonations.

  20. ILoveCoffee

    America is no longer an industrial power, China is. If China becomes a domestic driven economy, the US economy will collapse because they don't produce anything, and their currency has no value.

  21. ILoveCoffee

    Only an economically illiterate person would say that the Chinese economy depends on the America, and that if they can't export, they will collapse. The opposite is true. America depends on the Chinese to finance their government, and to sell them cheap products that support the American middle class. Even if China doesn't export what they produce, they can just consume it if they let their currency go up in value, what will America do then? Wall mart will be empty, and the US dollar will collapse. The country that produces has the advantage over the country that just consumes with borrowed money.

  22. AnotherWorldlyDevice AWD

    Fingerprint in the protests? Certainly a helpful push off the cliff!

  23. Don McCready

    If Ron Paul had been elected, he’d be remembered as the Whiner in Chief.

  24. Don McCready

    This guy is a loon. China steals technology, murders millions of citizens, is building its military like crazy, outnumbers us 4:1 in military personnel. Ron Paul and this guy are nuts.

  25. Paul Colourzone

    You just can't have a country de-valuating their own currency on a global stage in order to gain advantage over other countries economies at a whim. You can't have a country stealing intellectual property and technologies at will and then re-market them for cheaper and compete with the original owners of the patents for profit. You can't have a country unfettered access to your market and then have them deny you or limit access to theirs. What China has done is the direct result of what happens when a president sells out his own population in order to benefit his rich corporate buddies and himself like Clinton did in the 90's. LEST WE FORGET. FUCK CHINA ! AMERICA FIRST. Nothing that the president has done in order to fix the incredible unfair disparity in trade has been wrong. China needs to invest in their own people and their own markets and economy…You do this by stimulating entrepreneurship and free markets and FREE SPEECH…Which they are lagging behind a couple of decades still. They steal shit and then they tout it as their own achievements. Give us a fucking break. I would keep an eye on Hong Kong to see how open their society truly is, the Hong Kong situation is the litmus test.

  26. Teresa poudrier

    Sounds like BS.
    But who cares? 
    The usa government mafia intends to break the world economy,, then come out the other side and rule EARTH, Including the American people. Duh


    I dont buy it I believe China is a Threat to Massachusetts.

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