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  1. Dave Nye


  2. Anj Poole

    Sinkhole was made in China.

  3. TeslaMachines Cazares

    Made in China..

  4. Bruno Pontecorvo

    🇨🇳🇮🇱😢 Baruch Dayan Ha-Emet

  5. Max Headrum

    Hahahaha !

  6. Some Random Anon

    I can only hope this sink hole expands and swallows all of China.

  7. rgerber

    4 went missing?
    What you mean they literally just disappeared into the ground?
    I want to see a picture from above…

  8. jason4275

    And remember this is the country trying to rule the world when they cant even master their own infrastructure.

  9. Vysair

    1:10 is that a log under the bus? Did they add it afterward??

  10. mic maxamus

    If this happened in Pakistan it would have been a stinkhole '

  11. ALX gaming

    The boy fell in because you don't see him get away but he is in the hole, 😭

  12. ojtrademark

    the floor said :O

  13. Edward Zhang

    What could be the causes of sinkholes: https://youtu.be/e-DVIQPqS8E

  14. Abdul Rehman

    How can someone be missing? I mean where they could possibly be?

  15. lionel belanger

    I PRAY For the victims.

  16. Urs Truly

    No the people helping 🙁

  17. Julian

    Even a little boy tried to go down and help them.

  18. Stacey Terrance

    What causes this

  19. shannon newman


  20. FloridaGreg

    YIKES !!!😱


    It's sad

  22. Bpm Bpm

    Just cant believe the comments. I am crying seeing this and people are making fun out of what they see here.

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