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  1. Dave Nye


  2. Anj Poole

    Sinkhole was made in China.

  3. TeslaMachines Cazares

    Made in China..

  4. Bruno Pontecorvo

    🇨🇳🇮🇱😢 Baruch Dayan Ha-Emet

  5. Max Headrum

    Hahahaha !

  6. Some Random Anon

    I can only hope this sink hole expands and swallows all of China.

  7. rgerber

    4 went missing?
    What you mean they literally just disappeared into the ground?
    I want to see a picture from above…

  8. jason4275

    And remember this is the country trying to rule the world when they cant even master their own infrastructure.

  9. Vysair

    1:10 is that a log under the bus? Did they add it afterward??

  10. mic maxamus

    If this happened in Pakistan it would have been a stinkhole '

  11. ALX gaming

    The boy fell in because you don't see him get away but he is in the hole, 😭

  12. ojtrademark

    the floor said :O

  13. Edward Zhang

    What could be the causes of sinkholes: https://youtu.be/e-DVIQPqS8E

  14. Abdul Rehman

    How can someone be missing? I mean where they could possibly be?

  15. lionel belanger

    I PRAY For the victims.

  16. Urs Truly

    No the people helping 🙁

  17. Julian

    Even a little boy tried to go down and help them.

  18. Stacey Terrance

    What causes this

  19. shannon newman


  20. FloridaGreg

    YIKES !!!😱


    It's sad

  22. Bpm Bpm

    Just cant believe the comments. I am crying seeing this and people are making fun out of what they see here.

  23. Terry

    This is why it is best to run man.

  24. Lk Mcle

    Just Another day in china… car crashes dog slaughterhouses and bus sinkholes and an explosion at a shipping trailer dock, just another day

  25. Adam Singleton

    "Climate change" obviously…

  26. Velin Caroline Huang

    This is often happened in china country!!! so Dangerous 😨😨😨

  27. deniece donnafield

    This is very sad…. Thank you for sharing…❤️🇺🇸

  28. crazyasianboiii

    China seems to have many sinkholes. More researches need to be done

  29. aiirful

    That part of the road was too thin to withstand the weight exerted 😔

  30. lozzymagoo

    I had no idea that China had sinkholes. I know Florida is known for its sinkholes because of the amount of rivers there. This is heartbreaking to watch. Especially the fire coming out of the ground. I hope that little boy made it out alive. Those poor people. I pray for their souls.

  31. anang bp

    owhhh so scary 😞

  32. Deep Recce

    Dilemma..shld we instinctively try to save lives when diasters is still unfolding or shld we run for safety first before returning to help others when its safe? Sigh…

  33. Smarteam


  34. 磯野和己

    There are several other similar incidents shown on the internet. How many are there in whole China ?

  35. TAEY LOO Orbit forever number 1

    Is 2020 the end of the world.

  36. Kimiung

    "Made in China"

    Edit *
    China cleary doesnt understand jokes, no wonder they ban memes.

  37. Eouz Cuemarz

    some fight scene from the avengers. pretty scary.

  38. glenn curley

    The gas line exploding would be deadly.

  39. Graydon B

    That boy who jumped into an exploding pit of fire to save people is the real superman…..

  40. Howard Lim

    Hmm, I guess the game Hole.io is real.

  41. Sweet_Roll

    How could 4 be missing? Doesnt seem too deep if half of the bus is still protruding from the hole.

  42. 飯島ゆん

    only in china. poorly planned infrastructure

  43. Hohoemu

    Only two weeks into 2020 and lots of craziness happening already…

  44. Ben Shen

    Hi China, didnt you do your diligence? I forgot there is no diligence for peoples lives, just for the communist party

  45. Deepa Lall

    This is giving me anxiety.RIP to the people who lost their lives.

  46. Xu Yang

    Not this again. Heaven bless us, this would be the last one.

  47. Invincible Focus

    That pitch says : MADE IN CHINA.
    loud and clear.

  48. Faizetto

    Salute to that brave boy

  49. ViRrOorR

    Whats with all the sinkholes

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