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  1. obsidianstatue

    should invest in to some winter sports like ski field that'll really drive growth in the long run.

  2. akoua fray

    Really interesting place to visit

  3. Peter Zhong

    The night scenes are really beautiful (personally think it is very romantic). Actually, the dogs are really beautiful and captured my eyes the most. Such business promoting ideas and practices are popping up everywhere in China.

  4. FlyLike aButterfly

    Amazing Winter lands🌊☃️💨☃️😎

  5. Pooki Malayshit False god Worshiper

    Awesome! 😍

  6. Man Limbu


  7. wissam sounni

    Hen piao liang

  8. Kam Chin

    Nice scene but camera work is shaky. You need a better camera equipment.

  9. Maax's Xzone


  10. edgar paul allena

    kawawa naman yung aso,ginawang taga hila ng tao

  11. mashooque ali

    China is must visit country!!

  12. S Parmentier

    好看。 What is the name of the snack again? I had it before in China. An old friendly lady sold it in the streets. pingtaohulu?? How to write it in Chinese?

  13. jh bgb


  14. Tahuan Tinsuyo

    Please tell me the name of the dishes.

  15. Steve

    Lovely place. It will be on my bucket list to visit

  16. Thomas Mr BBQ Lindberg


  17. Dezy Star & Heart String


  18. beryl thienhaus

    Beautiful China….😂😂

  19. Zash Austin

    How can I go there from Harbin and Mudanjiang

  20. 6packter

    USA and Uk hate this
    They want to see famine and poverty

  21. Jaroslav Novak

    Chtělo by to přidat titulky

  22. Akat suki

    This is China ppl… Only in China.

  23. Blitzwing prime minister toy hunter

    What a beautiful place soon I'll go there paying a visit

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