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  1. Michael Kurse

    Bow to the leaders.

  2. B. Lantz

    I think they're generating a lot of smoke to cover up the embarrassment of so many people killed by that incompetent excuse of a rail project

  3. Sean

    If you really wanna know its quality of CHSR, go check its schedule from stop to stop; hardly punctual. Why? Because most of the courses the trains need to slow down. Why? You can figure it out.

  4. Stephen Schofield

    Well we all know China is insane

  5. The DORUK

    I still don't understand why so many dislikes? D:

  6. Trustworthy Info

    Go to <RT America> and <Nathan Rich>; you will see the big picture of China rather than the misleading information from this propagandistic machine of western media. Thank you!https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCaSlyjhR4WC7QhYuaivxb6g/videos


    I really hat the chines government and I want them to be crushed.

  8. Sarabella Gignac

    It reminds me of the train to nowhere in Northern California almost a trillion dollars it was a way to funnel dark money and the insurance company would pick it up and they did because of the fire in Northern California Astana was where all the action was really set to take place they've since changed their name it's no longer a Astana was China getting ready to torch its citizens like the Democrats and globalists are trying to do to the United States of America? I smell a rat what would happen if the Communist Chinese people woke up? Let's have that conversation dot-dot-dot Hong Kong 1 its position based on mass population dot-dot-dot which is precisely the reason they want to kill everyone because they can't fight in those type of numbers it's a stack'em and Packham Agenda 21 un replacement migration

  9. Bolgavets

    LMAO at 5:03

  10. Libin Wong


  11. A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge

    What could possibly go wrong?

  12. RossiP70

    This is hopeful and a good idea on paper but in execution I have a bad idea of what might happen…

  13. JW星星

    Chinese Wumao/ fifty cent army are invading CHINA UNCENSORED.

  14. Vladimir goulart Mora

    They want to build a train across South America, from Brazil to Chile

  15. iG W

    I think I missed something.. just watching now

  16. John OReardon

    The USA has invaded over 90+countries since WW2 agent orange Vietnam USA poppy fields ect… Trust the USA. We are here to invade or help.

  17. J Y

    Yup and POTUS want to build a Great Wall on Mexican border paid by Mexico. Lol yup that’s America

  18. dz hassina

    And you Americans what do you Excell in better than triggering off wars, bringing about chaos, and leaving behind tears, desperation, and a lot of blood shed wherever you set foot, don't you. Damn your demons of présidents from A to Trump!

  19. James DeGray

    Why is it that plan seems all wet…?

  20. flaco gordo

    Where you find that stupid dork?

  21. genericdenizen1

    Chris Chapel is a riot!

  22. GaslitWorld f. Melissa B

    That was in 2014, so I wonder if the project is canceled? I'd rather travel across in a type of submarine, after crossing land on a high speed rail. I don't want them to risk harming the ecosystem.

  23. K id

    first step to liberate the world

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