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  1. CSXRockford

    the background looks fake as hell

  2. alnot01

    I submit that the Chinese GDP is overstate by as much as 10-15%. This means that all ratios of the form X/GDP are understated by as much as (1/0.85)-1 ~ 18%.

  3. alnot01

    I am convinced that many Chinese bank loans are not truly loans as you
    and I understand them. They are equity participations with downside risk
    but no upside potential. Paying loans back is subject to an unspokenn
    rule: "pay what you can, when you can, as long as we have a seat on your
    board of directors and can see your books." There are no firm Chinese
    accounting rules requiring that state banks deem a loan nonperforming.
    State owned banks are not answerable to shareholders. The Bank of China
    stands behind any state owned bank hit by a run, by giving a state owned
    bank all the currency it needs to satisfy panicked depositors. And what
    will the Chinese do with their panic cash? Deposit it eventually, in
    another state owned bank, that's what!
    Mr Wong seems to believe that Chinese nonfinancial decision makers have
    not invested in the best capital projects on offer. I am agnostic about
    that claim. I prefer to say that over 2009-16, China invested
    frantically even in situations when no project contemplated had a
    positive net present value. Spending for equipment and structures adds
    to GDP even if the investment cannot ever make a profit. I suspect that
    Chinese accounting practices can be manipulated to disguise the fact
    that a firm, public or private, is running at a loss.
    I agree that a massive failure of corporate governance lies at the heart
    of the looming Chinese crash.

  4. Edwin Storz

    Not one area of Economics has this girl admitted to be weak in any way, every question, She responds, not a problem, easily Managed, we have plenty……not in 2020, President Trump will pull that Plug and all of China's Joe Blows Biden will go out to Sea or Ship up and act right, Joe Biden is 100% Puppet, he don't even know the names of States in America, waiting for somebody to ask real questions and listen to…

  5. Joseph Marton

    this girl is already dead !! knows too much

  6. ManuelPinner

    The Communist Chinese Banking Debt Bubble is going to Explode Big Time!

  7. Jamie Kloer

    I think China grew on America fairy tale debt bubble. They bought in to there own miracle and now to save face keep blowing. I’m simple but is it complex?

  8. Wallace Rose

    Great interview and fantastic info but nothing has happened. Sure markets can stay irrational longer than we can stay solvent … but nothing has happened, even with a trade war.

  9. Charlie Romeo Lima

    Tell me where did you get the "confidential" number? According to IMF, Debt to GDP ratio is almost 50% in 2018.

  10. lamdawave

    After 3 years, China is still collapsing…

  11. Francesco Allevato


  12. Rubin4749

    I'm giving an upvote on this video but I wanna make it clear, ONLY because of the GUEST—the interviewer is shit.

  13. Rubin4749

    I REALLY HATE ass-hat interviewers that end up interviewing themselves because they KEEP CONTINUALLY talking over the guest—Auerback, either STFU or arrange a solo lecture. Don't invite people on and then become enamored with your own damned voice.

  14. Paul Baskerville

    the best way to deal with china is not to trade with china as long as they are expanding in the south seas .they have man made war bases there.the other thing is currency manipulation that cause real third world country s from getting a head.

  15. Roy Piper

    29 people just got a low "Social Credit Score."

  16. onceANexile


  17. rodney gangloff

    When can we find people that are trained speakers. Closet college people are all the sheepish speakers.

  18. ryan cliff

    these two should make a porno where after this interview they fuck. I would watch it. 😛

  19. 95 yolles

    Tariff is indirect tax on American. Don't be foul by Trump.

  20. Paul Peterson

    To me the biggest downfall of China’s economy is their lack of integrity. They lie and cheat on the materials of what they produce and the rest of the world is totally fed up with their inferior products. Their greed has finally caught up with them and the companies who gave them a chance of a lifetime have totally blown that chance and these companies are now relocating to other countries.

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