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  1. 竹棚


  2. Philip

    Don't tell China, but in the wonderful workers utopia which Mao bought into, the 'state would wither away', at least that's what Marx and Engles wrote. Do they still read their classic texts? Maybe just rub that bit out.

  3. Keeyoung


  4. michael MASTA

    Great job president Xi you and the ccp are the greatest murders in history. With over 2 million Chinese citizens confirmed kills and counting. Amazing. Hope you sleep will

  5. Eric Tan

    Xi Jinping just praised Mao again. Mao – a rebel, a terrorist, started a civil war, a mass murderer. When will Xi praise the brave HK protesters who have not even killed anyone? Or must they kill before Xi praises them? Down with China’s tyranny of HK! Power to the people of HK!

  6. MahaVakyas

    dog eating dinks

  7. Robin Chow


  8. Ray Mak

    70000 balloons is bad

  9. Gerald Meadows

    Our friends the Chinese will be showing off a "new intercontinental missle" in a parade. Should we have a parade to show them some mass killing weapons pointed in their direction to return the love they send our way?

  10. Blind Visionary

    Carrie Lam being fired would be a great start. Words are nice but action with words is better. The gesture of goodwill is nice to see but Xi could change things in Hong Kong with the snap of his fingers. All they want is self rule. Xi knows the Hong Kong people are no threat to China so why is self rule of Hong Kong by the people such a threat to Beijing?

  11. BIG A

    Xi Jinping and his Chinese comrades can suck a fat d__k.

  12. Xinye Li


  13. Love bug

    Capable reaching the United States!!! You guys are full of shit

  14. T Love


  15. Yang TVBOX


  16. Dyslexic Teletubby

    Do terrorist attacks even happen in China?

  17. hank newzen

    Chinkna forever

  18. Chairman Meow


  19. Surya Pratap Singh Gahalout

    Hello free media lmao

  20. Yellow Cab

    I applaud Chinese President Xi Jinping, for his call for unity among all Chinese, and for his vow to uphold the "One Country / Two Systems" principle in Hong Kong, China. + If the "Leaders / Organizers" of the Protestors in Hong Kong are reading these comments, "YOU" should consider President Xi Jinping's' vow and promise as valid. + President Xi Jinping has extended an olive-branch ….. the whole world is now watching to see if you are also wise enough to proceed in deescalating, thus defusing, a potentially unpleasant confrontation which nobody wants, and which is not necessary. + We are watching, from the USA.

  21. Eli Eli

    long live china best country in the world who will save us from US regime and Uk regime

  22. playnite

    Do u realize you have a lot of extreme hot head Americunts in the comments section?

  23. David Hynes

    I would laugh if all cities rose up against the CCP.

  24. Hail King Devin

    1989 ccp china kill China people blood in Beijing . This how Chine is not freedom

  25. 123OGNIAN

    Some of the biggest scum on the planet will be tomorrow gathered in one place.I hope something big falls on their heads

  26. 1boruta

    what a circus!

  27. X Kathy


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