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  1. Jacob DeHaan

    Back when the term screw was just as bad as the f word

  2. That One Place


  3. Rowdy cowboy Randy Miller

    Isn't that Crispin Glover's father? I think he also plays a henchmen in a bond film.

  4. nighttrain7404

    These old school stories will die soon enough

  5. OTG 85

    That laugh, tho lool

  6. tochiRTA

    The cough is everything

  7. AH96


  8. Creepy Spacey

    I love Jack Nicholson’s over exaggerated laughs in movies.

  9. Marc Hernandez

    What’s this movie called?

  10. GreaterGood510

    Or screw like a white guy by practicing incest.

  11. gtown gtown

    Greatest film ever made.

  12. I'm just some Canadian guy and I say

    One reason The Two Jakes sucked is it didn't have the original's sense of humor.

  13. jutubaeh

    kubrick antimäö ^ ^

  14. Jeffrey Gillespie

    0:49 where he sort of slightly senses someone behind him but keeps going. SLAYS me.

  15. Max Li

    I am chinese I have no clue what he is taking abt

  16. Snooze King

    I saw this movie as part of a double bill (with The New Centurions). I was 11 years old and didn't understand two minutes of it. Years later I watched it with a running commentary and finally clued in a little bit.

  17. Pernickety Pikeman

    Gittes did nothing wrong.

  18. Eldritch Augur

    That laugh is so perfect.

  19. Max Seidelman

    I told this joke to a few people at work. I got a call from HR the following day, fml.

  20. Fan Made Videos

    Does anyone else hear a second laugher when Jake breaks out with his own laugh?

  21. IsaacH1273

    Mr. Wint

  22. BENKYism

    I want to awkwardly watch this movie with my Chinese teacher

  23. Bootros Bootrosgali

    Ground breaking Off the wall unhinged charisma acting

  24. les marocains

    he meant that his wife already knows how china men have sex

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