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  1. riccia888

    Falun gong oragans seems to be more healthier https://youtu.be/SyZschwFN-c

  2. Swede McGuire

    CGTN…. faithful Party sycophant network. An echo chamber created for the purpose of disseminating CCP propaganda. A comment section substantially populated by bots and party brown-nosers.

  3. foxpup

    This man understands the art of Tact and is a pleasure to listen too but it is a facade in front of an intention of violence from Beijing. (a veiled threat, better than a brazen one I suppose – a Civilized British influence at work)
    Send the Beijing soldiers home to their families and the violence will stop!!!! FREE HONG KONG!!! 🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰

  4. riccia888

    wumao are working

  5. foxpup

    Send the Beijing soldiers home to their families and the violence will stop!!!! FREE HONG KONG!!! 🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰

  6. Green Peace

    The UK has owed China Mountains of unpaid Debts since the British first stormed into China’s market by stealing, selling opiums and murdering Chinese citizens across the country causing massive humanitarian crisis. These debts have not even properly repaid, they now are supporting the destructions of HK. Adding to that, the UK is the last country on Earth to speak to China as if they were equal. Dream on UK!

  7. Green Peace

    The UK harboring and training HK terrorists every day is no secret to the world. Seeing their investments on these criminals they created is gradually vaporizing day by day surely is bankrupting their patience and morality. Nobody should listen to a country where infamously enriched by selling opiums, colonization and genocide all over the world and turned around to preach other countries they wronged about human rights or democracy. It’s a joke to even hear these BS from the fallen empire itself. Shouldn’t they worry about Brexit and the Scottish independence? They have time to support terrorists?! Karma!

  8. Sum Ting Wong

    UK urges China to stop violating HK freedom and human rights, and stop condoning police brutality.

  9. John Ray

    Why they blame external force as if… HK ppl just want fair and free election somehow and Carrie Lam is giving deaf ear. Let them vote as per Article 45, job done, HK back to normal within a day. everyone happy. HK will hv respect for CCP. The End.

  10. Simon Lin

    Shame on those foreign forces. They are just wasting their effort.

  11. Peng Lu


  12. Elixir de Vie Singapore

    The reason these riots have been dragging on for 6 months is because HK government and police are way too weak and soft! More violent anti-Chinese riots with vandalism, arson, rape and looting in Indonesia in 1998 were ended within less than a week when some geniuses trapped those rioters while they were looting abandoned Chinese-owned shops in shopping malls and burnt them alive. Several hundred rioters looting in a few shopping malls were trapped and burnt to death. The riots immediately ended when the news broke out. No more rioters dared to come out. These are the videos: https://youtu.be/YA6JicFZKt4 and https://youtu.be/H7FSbwHPL5U

  13. thndrngest

    hk police are doing an excellent job, the thugs rioters surrendered to the police in the polytechnic university, even their empty slogans are forgotten!

  14. arc arcon

    Ah yes my daily chinese propaganda

  15. Jon Kino

    Very well said Mr Ambassador.
    UK, usa, what happens in HK is none of your bI00dy business.

  16. SPCH

    The only way to stop those western countries from interfering Hong Kong matter is to inflict financial pain on them.

  17. Boon Huat Tan

    Evil External Force.

  18. Boon Huat Tan

    Support HK Police. Support CHINA

  19. Rebecca Hu

    so sad, so pathetic. wake up u idiots, don't be used to destroy ur city created by ur family. it's ur home. all of u.

  20. Cathy Yu


  21. Anthony Mchilika

    The best part is that Presd Xi is just so calm doznt speak mORE of HK this shows that to him he doznt care much of region but only it safety and peace ….but come on the other side how other presd react to HK affairs az if its part of their country

  22. K C Koay

    Humanity around the world was traumatised when captured Jordanian airforce pilot was burned to death by a militant group. That happened during a war.

    While these Hong Kong mobsters and terrorists set ablaze an unarmed elderly man who was just trying to reason with them.

    This wanton, disgusting, and sickening act alone has made their so-called pro democracy protest a joke, and a lost cause.

  23. JSB Hmm

    Youtube needs to stop allowing CCP propaganda on the platform.

  24. chan hua ma

    The MASSAGE is very clear.

  25. Kurt Beck

    Any person who condones this violence has no interest in global stability.

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