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  1. picandvideo

    There’s no graffiti and clean.

  2. s f2

    i think china is very safe now, will go there again one day.

  3. Chao Liang

    The battery indicator shows empty:-)

  4. Zhujia Si

    Just one question always in my mind: with the population of Europe 740 million, US 330 m, Canada 30m, Oceania 25m, added up to 1.13 billion westerners, why do they always say 1.4 billion Chinese are different?
    Maybe a bit egocentric?

  5. picandvideo

    I don’t understand the West (UK & US) insisting the world to follow their models. Preaching democracy is a religion? Telling Chinese to abandon chopsticks to use knifes and forks; eat more breads instead. Metaphorically!

  6. Bruce Willi Bruce

    Because of the frequent wars, it was difficult for China from the 17th century to the 20th century.

  7. Bruce Willi Bruce

    China was very developed in ancient times. One of the ancient miracle civilization countries is not a country without culture and history.

  8. Bruce Willi Bruce

    China is much more civilized than India and Africa, but many people believe in the false media, thinking that China and the media are still backward and uncivilized than Africa and India.
    It also leads to prejudice. You should know that many engineers in Silicon Valley in the United States are also recruiting Chinese college students.

  9. LayZhang Official

    Great video.

  10. Christian Burns

    So why do so many Chinese people say that they are better than people in other countries? Doesn't seem like equal treatment.

  11. Su Han

    Thank you for speaking the common sense out, ironically, many Westerners have lost their common sense as human beings and brainwashed by the media and politicians as merely tools for getting more power and wealth.


    like your video

  13. 林作健

    Finally, i figure out your nick name comes from 鬼佬. LOL.

  14. Yin Michael

    I think so when living western world long time.

  15. Mr. ChangAn

    Every city in China is mushroomed into bigger things, not just Nanning. There is a random question thrown out in the App "today's headline" on which city you prefer to live in. I noticed each person is recommendating his or her own city. The answers suggest that it is a nationwide boom everywhere.

  16. raphael karl

    While people only see what they want.

  17. Linda Ni

    Hi Gweilao60, have you heard of the guy who worked for the British Consulate in HK and kept solicitating prostitution at Shenzhen, and was detained in Shenzhen for 15 days by the Chinese police? A couple of days ago, he was interviewed by BBC and said he was tortured by the Chinese police. Can you say something about it? There is some footage released by the police showing his visit to a certain hotel and his admittance that he was ashamed by the thing he did and did not want the police to inform his girl friend and family.

  18. Beyondreamtime 420

    You missing a big point my friend 🙂 western have broken family, but Chinese have massive family roots and that what make us so united 🙂 it’s in our blood and same with Africa.

  19. AN Z

    China, like Japan, is a single-ethnic country. Although China claims to have 56 ethnic groups, it is an East Asian ethnic group except for Russians, Kazaks and Uighurs
    In other words, there are only Asians, whites and Semites in China.
    Apart from hybrids, there are basically no Africans in China. Because China has a very strict naturalization policy, and in history China has not participated in Africa

  20. roger liu

    I love China

  21. Nong Winter

    OMG! Nanning is my hometown, I never thought once I can hear its name on Youtube, amazing !!!!!! And this street I have been there much time, there are many many many delicious foods at night, love it!!!!!

  22. Sicheng Chen

    No, we are nothing like them please

  23. Martin Chung

    I miss the electric motor cab….

  24. Ellen Sun

    Like this video immediately

  25. LoveGlitzybella

    Thank you. You are a fresh breath of air. Love seeing China through your eyes 🙂

  26. Rick R

    Thanks to paint a real and actual picture of China. I've been expatriate there 10 years (I'm EU citizen unfortunately) and my wife is Chinese. I love that country and Chinese people. Western they don't understand they r not the only one on this earth and they can't accept Chinese are growing and sooner they'll pass US, EU it's already passed….. Chinese they are nationalist prowd and pragmatic, flexible and open mind much more than EU. They don't welcome illegal immigrate like here and first came Chinese than the foreigner and I don't see what's wrong with that. Look at how massive illegal immigrate are destroying and make unsafe our city than tell me what's better.

  27. Time hike

    can you add right rearview mirror of bike? I am watch it very ugly

  28. Chesurut Inegei

    Hope I will meet you one of this fine days I am near you I love China too better than Home

  29. Peter

    Great video as always! Would be interesting to see a drive around the financial/business district!

  30. eng huat Yeo

    Because a lot of westerners are still living in a well

  31. Ye Zhang

    Your observation is correct. China is more capitalist than US and Canada.

  32. Jeffrey Joe

    Any homeless?

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