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Can you find the texture and taste of fish and meat in vegetables? Chinese black fungus has been renamed to these qualities, its important nutrients and as a dietary supplement, a valuable contribution to overall health and wellness. It is usually obtained in the form of a discharged package which needs to be washed before use.

As a health supplement

Western medical research has found that black fungus is rich in blood and prevents iron deficiency anemia, so it can inhibit platelet aggregation and thus reduce blood viscosity. In traditional Chinese medicine [TCM], its applications include anemia, uterine bleeding, acne, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease. It is also important in cancer prevention and mitigation.

It is a very common and inexpensive ingredient in Chinese cuisine and has been considered a medicinal food in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Black fungus is rich in nutrients such as iron, protein, fat, vitamins and polysaccharides. It also contains trace elements such as potassium, selenium and manganese that are essential for long-term health.

Black fungus ' bitter and sweet taste is not particularly strong, but its texture is obviously meat. Its ' presence in the dish is equivalent to enhancing the flavor of the main ingredients.

As a dietary aid

Black fungus is a powerful ally against obesity. Although calories are very low in calories, its fleshiness [and taste] makes it particularly appetizing when it is boiled. It is often added to other dishes to enrich them, adding them for dieting/slimming purposes and their valuable nutrients.

Absolutely not a fast food ' need to do a lot of soaking and cleaning before use. Black Fungus can sometimes be purchased from most Chinese supermarkets and sometimes in Tesco's downtown stores.

' Fat Busters' enjoy it with it

Those who are keen on dieters can use their proven Chinese weight loss, weight loss and nutritional supplements such as green tea [Lu Cha] and Bojenmi Tea to rinse their black fungus.

Green tea stimulates the heart, helps digestion, and provides general wake-up calls. Encouraging fat metabolism, dieting and weight loss are popular, and green tea drinking encourages general body detoxification.

Anemia patients [and women during menstruation] should avoid using green tea because it inhibits iron assimilation to some extent. These should be converted to Bojenmi Tea [see below] and/or consumed by Black Fungus to compensate for iron deficiency.

Bojenmi Cha, also known as "healthy, beautiful looking slimming tea", also helps with weight loss and weight loss. This delightful tasting tea blends 12 herbs based on ancient medicines from the Ming dynasty, which helps digestion, lowers cholesterol levels, and has a mild laxative effect.


Both teas help remove fat deposits from the internal system. The degreasing effect of cheap green tea is that the Chinese restaurant uses the rest to clean the grease on the table when it is closed.

Black fungus, green tea and Bojenmi tea have internal cleansing, detoxification and longevity-inducing effects, encouraging them to be included in anti-aging and health and fitness diets. These three can be found in most Chinese supermarkets.

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