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  1. adam jacobson

    At least the Chinese care about helping their own people unlike in America

  2. Debra King

    What a screwed up wicked system. You can say what you want until you walk in the same shoes as all suffering.

  3. dee wilson

    It takes a white man to tell you about your own culture.

  4. Nadine Schneider


  5. Scott James

    One abandoned soul can bring great life on this planet, and this video make me sad, please lord help these kids

  6. Tywan Jacob

    Damn, that’s so fucked up! These kids don’t even know about video games, I bet, or even about the internet for that matter. Being put through so much emotional trauma at such an early age. No one really there to support them or to encourage them to better themselves! This is just a fucked up situation for these kids all the way around!!!!

  7. india94thcorrupt

    It is wrong to find fault with The Great Leader. Or the Great Red System. For economy this had to happen. Hence these children feel honored to be a part of the Red Revolution even if they are apart, live apart or die apart. The Made In China show must go on, and will go on. So fuck you.

  8. Wesley Martins

    These girls will probably be kidnaped by some family to marry their son. Or sold by the school. Really sad.

  9. legal eagle

    recruitment of young China death squat

  10. Trillie E

    i usually dont cry im so used to feeling like im a robot or sum cause i never cry but i cried so much because damn i really can relate before i turned 8 my parents divorced and i haven't seen my dad in 10 years also in my culture its very strict so they beat kids up if they dont listen and literally ruin our childhoods by teaching ous to cook and clean before we are 10 so my mom is very strict on me and my sis plus my mom has 2 jobs as well so i never felt like i had parents always home alone with my sister spending our whole day at school, cleaning at home not only that but i really love children and i hurt when i see kids hurting

  11. malini venkatakrishnan

    Don't have children if you can't be with them. I hate seeing children sad and lonely

  12. 赵友信

    And those parents are abandoned by cities they work in

  13. Ramnik Kaur

    What kindof work they are doing that they can't even call to their children.This happens in India too, but most of the time fathers are away from, but they do call routinely. Like every third day, ….come to home after a year, but they come for a month or too

  14. karin jones

    Chinese are sooo cold, they are gross🤢

  15. Commander C.L.I.T

    The government should send all the kids and the parents to one of the empty cities they have and start jobs and schools and everything in that city.. the cities are already there sitting empty pretty much..

  16. Lou Entertainment

    Who the hell is cutting onions in here 😭😭😭

  17. raven scott

    the chinese are dumping their kids in NYC, all I hear and see are these kids joining gangs, they are not like the previous generations of asians who are polite. These little A holes say the F word to adults now. They should have stayed in china. Better education you say? why they are out of school? what are they going to do in america? drop out of high school? really? some parenting

  18. Mariichan333

    This makes me cry. The parents go to the city to work to raise money for their kids future but ultimately sacrifice spending time and seeing their kids for years. The children feel like burdens and the relationships are broken. The government has not done enough to support these children and families. My heart goes out to all those children.

  19. B Cool

    They should make a documentary about the stupid parents who kill thier kids in America

  20. Tinker Belle

    we grew up with out our mother cos she work overseas and comes home every 2 yrs for 14 days vacation..so our Dad and my grandma raised us..when my grandma pass away..it was our duty to mind the household chores since we've grown up and our Dad's off to work as a laborer.My mum's home for good now after 20 yrs..she left when i was 10 yrs old ,being the eldest in the amongst 5 siblings,i mostly do the chores.The funny thing is..she left us at a young age and home for good now taking care of her grandkids..at present i'm working overseas too and my kids is under thier care…same cycle…..same stories..it may repeat again and again…but never once i questioned my parents abt it..cos i understand why would she leave…to provide us a better education and good future..it's a hard part of not being with ur mum beside u while growing up…oftentimes too lonely especially on special ocassions..but..me and my siblings didn't look at the negative side instead we enjoyed growing up and goes to school..now that i am here still abroad working..i always call my kids and let them bear in mind..that i am here working for them and i love them..a constant call or message.. i let them feel the connection of being a mum though i am miles away from them..

  21. Aiah Zohar

    Why not just decide NOT to have children until you have your crap together? It's unfair to the children you create to thrust them into poverty and life instability.

  22. T Z

    How anime protanganist be like in real life

  23. Francoise Loffler

    Chinese children are LOVED from their parents…this is FAKE NEWS….

  24. Jeremy Ksor

    Vietnamese teacher beaten, hit , smash Montagnard indigenous children didn’t know how to read , write speak in Vietnamese languages Vietnamese government act like not the problem.

  25. frances fries

    Its sad that people do that to their children …Material things are not what it is but love and education

  26. 德国知事

    What people don't see: Even in such most remote villages in China, there are still super roads and good schools.

  27. leon cat

    I was ready to be mad at these parents because of the title of this peice. The parents did noy abandone the kids they left them a good but difiicult reason. It's still sad, but at least these chidren know or will know they are loved.
    I really dislike when news/infomational orgs. use titles to gain reaction to story. You guys are better than that.
    Great story though. My heart and prayers go out to the parents and the children. Props to the teachers and care givers ie. Granparents and others.
    update, I watched more, and some parents don't come back, but it's the system/Gov. that put the families in this situiation.
    props to the social workers too.
    My heart goes out to the worlds pain, from China to Africa to Puerto Rico to the middle east and more. God please give these people moments of peace and joy.

  28. Victoria archuleta

    The children in this documentary broke my heart💔

  29. maomao ke

    Absolutely misleading title.

  30. R Shelhart

    My gosh! I can hardly type for the tears! This is absolutely heartbreaking. To never have anyone love the or give a damn about them, is soul crushing to a child. How can they be expected to grow up normally and integrate into a productive society without help?

  31. Nastasja Zecevic

    With such grandparents who don't like you, don't want you and even are this disgusting towards you, you need no enemies… Hopefully these people will be able to get that girl (and many others suffering) away from those tyrants. 🙁

  32. Chelsea Summers

    Another thing I noticed was that when the mother of the first boy returned after not seeing him for a year she didn’t even give her son a kiss… that just blows my mind. The same when she saw her parents. Why do Chinese find it so difficult to show emotion? She did however redeem herself by saying she would pay fo him to go to school in the city.
    China is going to have it’s fair share of problems in the next decade or so, but it’s of their own greedy making.

  33. Chelsea Summers

    Chinese people don’t seem to show very much emotion. When this little boy returns on the weekend to see his grandparents (after walking up the mountain for a couple of hours) they didn’t even embrace or kiss him… That to me is odd behavior and also very sad. That child is going to grow up with all kinds of emotional issues which he will then bring into his relationship with women and his marriage one day. It’s very sad.

  34. Alter Ego

    I feel sorry for the grandmother too, who could not handle her teenaged granddaughter. The Chinese government is so stupid. Instead of appreciating the beautiful, lush villages and its resourceful, lovely people, and supporting and enabling them to live good, educated lives in their own villages, they are forcing parents to go to the cities and become grist to the booming economic mill. But anyway, they are better than so many other countries. The children in the school look well and are obviously getting an education, though the future can never be good for a country whose children grow up emotionally traumatised.

  35. bee kay

    a country thats earning billions and billions every year in shipping goods, cant take care of their own kids, hmmmmmmm strange

  36. Denise Walters

    They should not have kids if they can't afford them financially, physically, and emotionally. I feel like some people just have kids just to have kids. and that it's the norm for married couples. As a Chinese myself, they always say kids will always grow up no matter how they grew up disregarding their feelings.

  37. Endy M

    My heart is full watching this my eyes are watery See this puts a lot of things in perspective its a lot of this going on in the world with different nationalities of people …

  38. Demi Nada

    No words for this shitty. They are not alone but all their country still working to make a better china….. why don't talk about millions of Latin American moving to United states and kids really left behind.

  39. T C

    That 16 year old girl that doesn't help her grandma is the worst. Literally spoiled as fuck. I was doing chores since I was 6-7 years old. I hate kids who don't appreciate the sacrifices made for them.

  40. T C

    Man some kids, no matter how rough they have it, don't deserve to get out. Don't want to study? Toss him out and let him see what homeless is really about and he will quickly pick up a book after that. Not everyone is built for studying but you can't say that until you get to university.

  41. E. V.

    Chinese government- always fucking with their people! First it's changing their language from traditional to simplified (so they won't be able to read their father's and ancient writings), then collectivism, them 1-child policy, then farmer
    Resettlement, and what we have is a people abused by the communists. God bless the Chinese people for enduring such horrid social experiments.

  42. Lodge Zip

    Cultures are different, first of all, they were doing the same thing since ancient time esp in poorer areas as the population was too big to earn a living off land. Children in China are like little adults esp in poor areas, they would have taken care of their grandparents by age of 5. Im from big city, my parents sent me to boarding school at very young age so that they can concentrate on their careers and I could focus on studying. China is a super competitive society, from early childhood education till the highest possible degree, you are to work very hard, get up early everyday, classes after school, classes in the weekend, never ending exams. Even you live with parents, you simply dont have time with them and they are busy too. Children in the villages usually even harder working than us as they want to go to university with full scholarship and they must be better than us . And their parents work hard to provide for their living and education. I think most of ppl here dont understand the different cultures. Even in the ancient time, Chinese ppl were very competitive, readon was simple, over crowded, you want your fair share of resources, work for it.

  43. Jose Paredes

    contrasted with people desperate to find a spouse – we're all going to hell in a handbasket

  44. movingdragons

    That is so sad. My heart goes out to all those children.

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